Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fix Nengine.dll Runtime Error – Is It Virus?

Nengine.dll Issues

  1. Appdata\roaming\\nengine.dll the specified module could not be found
  2. Nengine.dll is not a proper application extension
  3. Problem loading nengine.dll." C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\\nengine.dll (PUP.Optional.NextLive.A)

What Is Nengine.dll

As its name suggests, nengine.dll is a dynamic link library file offering a solution for a process to call the function that doesn’t belong to its executable code. It should be informed that many applications are not a complete executable file; usually an application is divided into several comparatively independent .dll file when being installed onto a machine. According to the directory reported by Windows, nengine.dll is not a system file and must be the component of certain third-party program.

Why Windows Report Nengine.dll?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Can’t Remove PCFixSpeed/Optimize Your PC Crawler, LLC? Learn How

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Is PCFixSpeed Scam or Malware?

Most PC users keep dwelling on the question as whether PCFixSpeed system optimizer is malware or rogueware due to the following suspicious behaviors:
  1. Users didn’t download it and PC Fix Speed installs without knowledge.
  2. PC users with PC Fix Speed have problems with speed, freezing and pop ups from these sites.
  3. Uninstalling PCFixSpeed/Optimize Your PC from Control Panel makes no difference.
  4. Running installed anti-virus programs will only remove some threats without removing PC Fix Speed.
Global PC Support Center herein tells you that PC Fix Speed is no anything related to scam or malware. However, the industry generally considers it as potentially unwanted program and some malicious traits have been found to support the above unpleasant scenarios.

PC Fix Speed’s Malicious Traits

PC Fix Speed is a program with promises to help speed up PC performance. Just like any other reputable security utilities, PC Fix Speed has its paid version with much more powerful functions to help eradicate threats. Somehow, it acts just on the contrary. The purpose is thought-provoking.

Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Remove Browser Hijacker from Windows and Mac OS X?

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Be Discerning about What Is

There are many addresses for – homepage virus, search engine virus, new tab virus, redirect virus and search redirect virus due to its behaviors as follows:
  1. It hijacks homepage without permission.
  2. It does searches for PC users and disables the original one.
  3. Opening up a new tab could redirect to
So what on earth is? As matter of fact, is categorized as browser hijacker. And by itself, is a traffic exchanging site.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Trojan.Zekos.Patched64 - rpcss.dll, Remove Zekos Trojan

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What Is Rpcss.dll?

Rpcss.dll is a dynamic link library file called remote procedure call subsystem. Obviously, it takes care of the web section. Usually, rpcss.dll is created in the middle of the installation of OS and placed under C:WindowsSystem for Windows 95/98/Me, C:WINNTSystem32 for Windows NT/2000 and C:WindowsSystem32 for Windows XP.

Rpcss.dll Can Be Utilized by Virus

As a build-in system file, rpcss.dll becomes one of the targets by virus, just like svchost.exe. By harnessing rpcss.dll, Trojan.Zekos.Patched64 manages to:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Voicefive Popup – How Do I Stop and Remove?

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Voicefive popup talked here refers to 
  1. (offers coupons, discount and random ads)
  2. (ask people to download files like rs.js, working just like  dpx.js

What Is Voicefive?

Voicefive popup is a promotion tool. It comes in as an advertising form as well as a file downloading form to publish certain products for both its creator and online operators that it has cooperative ties with.

Many PC users call it as a virus, spyware and malware due to the fact that voicefive never shrinks back when facing up with conventional removal ways. Actually, it is just a PUP applying some tricks to achieve aggressive promotion in the age of competitive online market.

Anyone Knows If Voicefive Is A Risk?

What Is Remove the Popup and Redirect Malware

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Is Virus?

The “” we are talking about here is Though it does bring up some unpleasant scenes, is not virus at all. It works just like with different content. is created as a tool to intercept traffic from one computer as much as possible for several purposes:
  1. Resell the traffic to other online operators in exchange for money.
  2. Rank itself high in search engine and get money from the operators that publish ads on its platform.
  3. Collect traffic for other products created by the same maker.
We can only call as “PUP” since it doesn’t own the virulent codes on which security utilities base to catch and deal with a virus. So the answer to the question is NO. Harassment

Friday, April 25, 2014

Remove Search Engine Geared by PUP.Optional.WowSearch.A

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The provision of information and solution
is the one and only intent. – What’s Happening? Hijacks Homepage and Search Engine

Many PC users started to see when they typed in queries. Only when the outcome is somehow different from that of did they notice that both homepage and search engine had been hijacked by the application called Most of PC users found that homepage could be easily to remove, but this is not the case when removing its search engine. Can’t be Removed by Anti-virus Programs

According to some victims, most installed anti-virus programs will not detect when hijacking and redirecting is putting on. Only MalwareBytes picks up several files called "PUP.Optional.WowSearch.A". However, quarantining and removing those files will not drive away search engine.

What Is

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Remove Whilokii from Yontoo Technology, Inc., Details about Whilokii and Effective Removal




What Is Whilokii?

Whilokii is categorized as a PUP. It has been found to be supported by Adware.Whilokii and to be from Yontoo Technology, Inc.. As its name suggests that whilokii is a piece of adware that would pop up random ads. However, there are some differences between the adware and other average ones.

Whilokii Scenario
  1. “A program called whilokii has been installed on my computer without permission” according to one of the victims.
  2. Whilokii pops up randomly and increases in frequency to totally ruin surfing experience.
  3. The overall PC performance does slow down a lot after getting the adware.

Fail to Remove Whilokii?
  1. I have attempted to remove it via the Control Panel: it says the attempt was unsuccessful.
  2. I did uninstall whilokii, but this ad malware still pops up.
  3. Anti-virus program will not pick up whilokii when it is acting maliciously.

Answers to Whilokii’s Rogue Behaviors

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Remove Instant Search Widget Without Showing Extension

Instant Search Widget Harassment

Instant Search Widget is reportedly to be incredibly aggravating and to install itself without knowledge and permission onto computers. Usually, instant search widget would appear as a sort of oblong bubble when some text is selected to obliterate the text. Also there were victims saying that instant search widget took them to some unknown sites with ads. Therefore it has been called as adware.

  1. Slow page-loading speed.
  2. Freezes could happen to browsers and computers.
  3. Unknown processes are running in the background to hog internal storage.
  4. Pop-up items ruin surfing experience.

Instant Search Widget Could Harm Your Computer

Perhaps the annoying scenario is the very reason for you to remove instant search widget; one should be informed of the potential dangers that the widget brings to you.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Exploit:JS/Neclu.M – What It Does and How to Remove?



What Does Exploit:JS/Neclu.M Mean?

Type: Trojan
SubType: Exploit
JS:   JavaScript 
Neclu:the name of a group of Trojan with particular task and capability
M:    variant number (it’s just no more than a number)

In short, Exploit:JS/Neclu.M is Script virus that attacks JavaScript vulnerability. To put it more specifically, Exploit:JS/Neclu.M exploits a Help ActiveX Control Related Topics Cross Site Scripting

How Dangerous Can Exploit:JS/Neclu.M Be?

What Exploit:JS/Neclu.M attacks has indicated that the Trojan horse is alive on the Internet. Besides, PC users should know that the JS technology is what helps us to log into various accounts without re-typing password and account name all over again, which is beneficial and a great help when some forget; while such technology can be utilized by cyber criminals maliciously to record log-in credentials. In other word, identity theft and information loss will be incurred.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

[Expert Removal Thread] Win32:VBCrypt-CSL[Trj]: Is It Related to CryptoDefense?

Win32:VBCrypt-CSL[Trj] Analysis

People are so scared by CryptoDefense ransomware that simply assume subjectively that Win32:VBCrypt-CSL[Trj] is associated with the ransomware. PC users should be widely informed that virus is named based on its functionality. For this one, Win32:VBCrypt-CSL[Trj] mainly attacks 32 bit Windows operating system and takes advantage of the vulnerability within VBScript language to penetrate into a target system. When in, the Trojan manages to dodge automatic removal due to its use of Crypt technology.

Relax that the Crypt technology is not used to encrypt victims’ documents, it is working to encrypt its vicious items so that the auto security defense will not be able to overwrite it or correct it randomly. By doing so, Win32:VBCrypt-CSL[Trj] is capable of sticking to a certain machine and get confidential information for profit generation.

How Do I Get Win32:VBCrypt-CSL[Trj]?

As it takes advantage of the vulnerability within VBScript language to penetrate into a target system, it can be easily inferred that Win32:VBCrypt-CSL[Trj] spreads itself through the World Wide Web. So the below behaviors can result in the Trojan affection:

Remove Smart Guard Protection-Malware Security Suite

Smart Guard Protection Properties

Smart Guard Protection is a rogueware which is also called fake anti-virus program. Such program filches the interface and copy the content as well as functions of the genuine anti-virus program. In other word, Smart Guard Protection doesn’t possess those functions, it simply displays that it has them and that’s all. Therefore, paying it and getting its so called advanced version will not help with detected threats or harms.

By cheating PC users into paying it, Smart Guard Protection manages to get easy money. But one should also be clear that there’s another way to get easy money for extra income: collect the input information on the counterfeit registration page and resell it to other operators who long for contact details so as to deliver sales letters and messages.

Smart Guard Protection Troubles

Friday, April 18, 2014

What Are We Supposed to Do Against Heartbleed Bug - CVE-2014-0160 (OpenSSL Exploit)?

Heartbleed Bug Outline

Heartbleed Bug was firstly found on the last Friday when Antti Karjalainen and other colleagues were updating the functionality of Codenomicon’s test components. Heartbleed bug belongs to zero day exploit, which indicates that the bug has long been existent or known by some technicians who are paid to find some man-made bug for Internet companies.

The moment Heartbleed bug was reportedly to be found, concerns over information security are aroused among the mass as more and more people become prone to store important documents online – Cloud. And now professionals and Internet operation staff are working hard to repair and fix heartbleed bug before hackers develop it. Meanwhile, Codenomicon company has bought the URL “” to offer some detail information and the latest report on the OpenSSL Exploit.

Some Security Issues about Heartbleed Bug

In sum, Heartbleed bug occurs in the implementation code when OpenSSL is compiling TLS(Transport Layer Security)’s RFC6520. Due to the omissions in bounds checking, the hacker/attacker is enabled to access and quest, without privilege or authentication, for the data that can be up to 64KB stored someplace besides in memory.

The data can be:

[Expert Guide] Worm:VBS/Jenxcus.K Can Be Removed, How?

Worm:VBS/Jenxcus.K Is IntrusiveThe establishment of computer network system was objective to share data information and external resources, which also constructs favorable environment for virus like Worm:VBS/Jenxcus.K to live and spread.

Worm:VBS/Jenxcus.K is a worm that exploits vulnerability within VBScript. In web environment, the worm would increase exponentially to aggravate traffic burden and thus result in a dead network system within a short period of time. This indicates that the worm is a network worm. From a scientific point of view, it is much more intrusive than Trojan horse:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Remove Strong Trojan Win32/Spy.Zbot.YW that Steals Paswword



Trojan Win32/Spy.Zbot.YW Troubles

  1. Considerably consumed CPU.
  2. Snail-like PC performance.
  3. Error message would be triggered to cause malfunction/dysfunction.
  4. Freezes/crash would happen on both computer and browsers.
  5. Additional infections or unknown items can be detected soon after its infiltration.
Not all the above listed troubles will be detected by a victim. It depends on the level of privileges. Win32/Spy.Zbot.YW will inject itself into one of two services. If the account has administrative privileges, the threat injects itself into the winlogon.exe service. If not, it attempts to do the same with the explorer.exe service. The threat also injects code into svchost.exe service, which it later uses when stealing banking information. There more privileges the Trojan gets, the more services will be affected to fall into its use, and the more troubles will be incurred.

Where Win32/Spy.Zbot.YW Comes from?

Q: Supposedly the alert about Win32/Spy.Zbot.yw came up once the computer was turned on and Outlook opened and nothing else was done. Then where the infection would have come from if not from some clickable link in an email or a webpage?

Windows Efficiency Kit, Remove Fake Anti-Virus Program

Windows Efficiency Kit has grown into a notorious rogueware that many victims try hard to remove it without avail. Usually, the utility that most victims try to remove such fake anti-virus program is anti-virus program and “Add/Remove”. But these are destined to fail since Windows Efficiency Kit has disabled security services as well as utilities and it manages to stay on a machine even when there’s no appearance in “Add/Remove”. Let’s keep reading and see how dangerous the rogueware is.

How Dangerous Is Windows Efficiency Kit

The dangers mainly lie in the vulnerable computer after its infiltration and information theft. As a rogueware, Windows Efficiency Kit is adept at taking advantage of vulnerability/bug/loophole and backdoor for propagation. When it is done, the internal system components can be easily overwritten and modified maliciously, especially the ones associated with security services and utilities. This is how installed anti-virus program start to stop working, no more automatic update and no access to the reputable web sites offering security services. With out-of-gear security defense, the affected computer will become readily to be exploited by other infections such as Exploit:JS/Neclu.M.

Then how Windows Efficiency Kit manages to steal confidential information, and what exactly the confidential information is?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rogueware Removal - Accelerator Pro Is Fake and How Dangerous It Could Be?

Accelerator Pro Affection Scenario

  1. Accelerator Pro would run automatic scan at each Windows start, which slows down PC speed.
  2. Accelerator Pro would alert long list of problems.
  3. Accelerator Pro redirects PC users to counterfeit registration web site and asks them to fill the information on credit card details, name and the like.

Accelerator Pro Profile

Accelerator Pro has already been identified as a fake anti-virus program that filches the interface of a genuine Windows anti-virus program to cheat money. Its creator has pushed it aggressively on many spam advertising platforms and made a verisimilar registration site. With such luring name and the fine promises, many PC users have been fallen into its trap.

See How Accelerator Pro Worms in A Machine

How to Remove - PUP.Optional.PCPerformer.A Found

PUP.Optional.PCPerformer.A Found

PUP.Optional.PCPerformer.A is flagged by installed anti-virus program with the location: c:/windows/system32/roboot64.exe. At the sight of the detected item, victims would think of PC Performer, the application that has been widely considered to be rogue anti-virus program due to its malicious deeds.

PUP.Optional.PCPerformer.A Concerns

Is PUP.Optional.PCPerformer.A indicating that the computer has PC Performer?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Winspool.drv (C:\Windows\system32\WINSPOOL.DRV) Errors – Printer Issues

What Is Winspool.drv, It Is Virus?

Winspool.drv is not virus, it is no more than a print Spooler driver for Windows. It is published by Microsoft Corporation with the model name as Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. Usually, Winspool.drv is put under C:\WINDOWS\system32\ folder with a size of 143KB.

Without such driver, the printer will not be able to understand the commands from system and do what PC users want. Besides, winspool.drv enables automatic printing in one queue without manually specifying the next one.

WINSPOOL.DRV Errors Scenario

Multiple errors pop up when victim logging into computer telling that C:\Windows\system32\WINSPOOL.DRV is running into error. The commonly seen WINSPOOL.DRV problems are:

[Guide to Fix] Aswrvrt.sys (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\aswrvrt.sys) Causes BSoD and No Boot





What Is Aswrvrt.sys?

Its suffix “sys” could help us ascertain that aswrvrt.sys is a system file in the first place, and thus it is not virus as what most victims thought it is due to the problems incurred thereby as listed in the next section. To be more specific, C:\Windows\System32\drivers\aswrvrt.sys is a PE32 executable for MS Windows (native) Intel 80386 32-bit.

Aswrvrt.sys Problems

  1. BSoD with error code 0x00000000ed.
  2. Computer won’t boot and stuck at aswrvrt.sys.
  3. No access to c: drive
  4. Less options when access Windows Advanced Options windows via F8 functional key.

Causes of Aswrvrt.sys Problems

Based on rich experience in computer industry, the causes of aswrvrt.sys problems are mainly related to hard drive issues.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Remove Smart Security Fake Anti-virus Program from Windows

The smart security we are talking about here refers to system smart security rogueware. It acts just like any other fake anti-virus program that fires up at each Windows start and performs a fake security scan requesting the purchase of the fake anti-virus product. Here are some symptoms to show how to tell the genuine anti-virus programs from the fake ones as they all request purchase of a more advanced version:
  1. Fake anti-virus program like smart security would install without knowledge and authorization.
  2. The number of threats reported by smart security would substantially exceed normal range.
  3. The interface of Smart Security shares a lot with other rogue anti-virus program such as Windows Web Watchdog
  4. Browser redirect to registration site always happens.
  5. PC performance becomes much slower than before and it should be.

How Do I Get Smart Security Fake Anti-virus Program?

Smart Security is categorized as rogueware which is a stand-alone infection. It has its own advertising platform which is what we called spam ads/sites. Such sites are not easily recognized as spam unless one is well equipped with knowledge on websites and computer technologies. Usually, the sites own huge traffic (by some rogue means such hijacking) which is the exact thing that attract many more operators. As a result, the advertising sites of Smart Security gain cooperators, putting Smart Security ads on other sites or bundling it to some third-party programs.

Here’s the conclusion on the ways to get Smart Security:

Remove POSHCODER Ransomware that Encrypt My Documents

In the wake of CryptoDefense and Bit, here comes another encrypting ransomware known as POSHCODER. They all work based on the same mechanism. Once POSHCODER affects a machine, all the documents would refuse to open; instead lines of threatening words will be displayed to ask for Bitcoin as ransom.

How POSHCODER Ransomware Penetrates A Machine

As computer becomes one of the most required items in nowadays life and Internet becomes the most powerful thing to connect the whole world, cyber criminals are prone to embed vicious codes on the Internet for rapid propagation and wider penetration. POSHCODER ransomware is actually geared by Trojan horse, the one is adept at exploiting backdoor/vulnerability/bugs/loopholes. Thus all the actions resulting in any one of these things would give the encrypting ransomware fact chance for infiltration:
  1. Access some prohibited sites, porn sites especially.
  2. Download and install the programs bundled with browser hijacker or sticky extensions.
  3. No regular check on computer health by running full scan for any possible virus and vulnerability.

POSHCODER Ransomware Truth

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Remove Trojan horse Downloader.Generic13 that Brings in Additional Virus

Trojan horse Downloader.Generic13 is a collective name. As its name suggests, it is created to help download additional infections, Trojan horse particularly. Recently, survey data shows that such downloader Trojan has been utilized by other types of malware, PUP and infections to alleviate affection and infiltration.

Trojan horse Downloader.Generic13 Payloads

  1. Numerate drivers concerning security service and background processes to disabled automatic removal and call service on its undertaking.
  2. Modify DNS settings and utilize seldom use ports to access designated site for virus downloading.
  3. Open up backdoor invisible to PC victims to be exploited by cooperators.

Trojan horse Downloader.Generic13 Damages

With random modification and more injection of unknown items, the below issues would be incurred:

Remove Trojan Horse Generic35 that Causes Corrupted Executable file and Disabled WLM

Infected with Trojan horse Generic35
  • COM surrogates keep using all your CPU.
  • Additional pop-up ads are showing on a computer. 
  • Trojan horse Generic35 keeps calling C:\Windows\explorer.exe.
  • Browser hijacking and redirecting problem start showing up.
  • Unsolicited installations are made.
  • Error messages would be triggered.

Who Sent Trojan Horse Generic35 to My Computer?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stop Pop-up Ads for Perfect Surfing

What Is

As its name suggests, it is an original linkbucks site that could generate profit if one share one web site through the platform and gain clicks (this is what we call PPC). It is said that linkbucks was established in 2005 and has obtained great development until it gave PC users with pop-up ads. When one is exchanging link, one will be bombarded with some adult content. Other ads coming together with are:
  • Is Not Recommended

As more such advertising platform mushrooming nowadays, it needs more fun to sustain operation and needs more cooperators for promotion. Thus more ads are brought in by Given the fact that would publish adult content, it can be inferred that it does no filtering work when choosing cooperators. Spam sites and some loosely programmed sites can gain access through the advertising platform. In such case, the computer harassed by linkbucks pop-up ads will become likely to be affected by unknown infections as bugs can be easily detected and exploited.

Remove Webcake by Conduit: WebCake Ads, Adware:Win32/WebCake and WebCake.BHO

Webcake Affection Scenario Outline

Webcake is one of the products issued by Conduit. It comes in forms of adware, extension and browser hijacker. Supported by adware:Win32/WebCake is not necessarily indicating that webcake is totally an adware, in fact, it can also be browser hijacker that intercept traffic with some rogue means for its operators. Affected by Webcake, victims would encounter mess on browsers:
  1. Countless pop-up ads to cover some content on web sites.
  2. Random browser jacking and redirecting.
  3. Slow speed in displaying web pages.
  4. Browser freezes and occasional crash.
  5. Low internal storage is the most prominent symptom along with the browser mess.

Webcake Is Not Virus But Potentially Dangerous

Herein, we do not use the word virus to describe webcake, this is the answer to the question by some victims that “why Google allow webcake to hijack browser”. It is no more than a traffic exchanging site. To put it plain, operators use webcake to hijack traffic so as to raise the ranking in search engine.

[Expert Removal Help] Hijacks and Will Not Go Away

What Exactly Is?

It might have become customary to call anything acting weirdly as virus. is no exception. It is widely considered as virus due to the following arbitrary behaviors:
  1. replaces default homepage, search engine and would take intended pages to its interface.
  2. Some newly opened tabs will be redirected to
  3. Ads like the ones by PC keeper will be incurred not long after the hijacking.
  4. The search results are somewhat different from the ones offered by Google and most of them are quite commercial.
As a matter of fact, is not a virus, it is merely created to serve as a traffic exchanging site to help with aggressive promotion. It is saying that acts just like

How Hijacks Browser?

The answer to the question will help with complete removal as well as the understanding of its potential dangers.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Remove Win32/Patched rpcss.dll Virus (C:\Windows\System32\rpcss.dll)

Win32/Patched rpcss.dll Affection Scenario

Installed anti-virus program keeps bringing up rpcss.dll registry error and some files have been modified without locating the exact items. With modified rpcss.dll, people would suffer from the below problems:
  1. It cannotbecopiedor pasted.
  2. More Trojan detections will be issued.
  3. No access to the Internet.
  4. No access to Task Manager.
  5. Some information will not be displayed completely on Task Bar.
  6. Many more executable files, especially explorer.exe are warned to be taken adbantage by infections.

What Is Rpcss.dll

As a matter of fact that rpcss.dll is not a virus. People should know that rpcss.dll file is related to distributed COM service, playing an important role in sustaining regular and perfect operation. Rpcss.dll is mounted onto a machine when installing OS and it is placed in Windows system folder. Thus modification on such file is not recommended; otherwise the below 3 kinds of error message would be incurred to trigger dyfcuntions:

PCKeeper Ad Pops Around, How to Stop?

Is PCKeeper Ad Virus?

The answer is negative. PCKeeper, according to some download sites, is a collection of computer protection tools. It is a freeware and thus ads are attached to the application. This is why people who install PCKeeper will end up with relentless pop-up ads. Actually, it has been found that harassed by some browser hijackers ( for example) will also lead to PCKeeper ad.

What PCKeeper Ad Pops up for?

Victims might notice some subtle changes on the affected computer and they are unpleasant:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Help to Remove JS:ScriptIP-inf [Trj] that Affects Browsers


JS:ScriptIP-inf [Trj] Symptoms

Most websites are blocked including reputable sites like Facebook. Attempts to access sites may very well trigger the following warning alert:
Avast! Filesystem has detected a threat.
Infection: JS:ScriptPE-inf [Trj]
File: Users/[computer name]/Library/Caches/
Process: /System/Library/PrivateFrameWorks/Webkit2.framework/ OS/WebProcess
UID: 501
Process: file://C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome.exe
Infection: js:ScriptIP-inf [Trj]
Victims can't either access any of the sites related to their own Facebook e-mail accounts (Youtube or Hotmail) because Avast pops the same message. Restarting modem would just relief the online surfing temporarily.

Other symptoms of JS:ScriptIP-inf [Trj] affection also include:

Remove Browser Hijacker [FAQs]





What Is

This article should not be mistakenly taken as being associated, affiliated, sponsored or owned by creators or distributors. However, VilmaTech technicians consider it necessary to correct cognition of that it is technically not a virus and serving as a traffic exchanging site working on the margins of the law to help with Internet marketing.

FAQ1 – If is not a virus, then how it manages to hijack homepage and will not be removed by conventional means?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Remove Trojan.Agent/Gen.Backdoor (Trojan backdoor.agent.gen) [Effective Removal Thread]

Trojan.Agent/Gen.Backdoor Symptoms

  1. Browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome) will not load web pages.
  2. Installed anti-virus programs no longer loads or runs; the attempt to run security utilities will only lead to runtime error.
  3. Icons of certain program disappear from system tray.
  4. Other error messages pop up to inform failure and hinder proper running of intended programs/services.
  5. Additional infections, Trojan horse particularly, will be detected soon after Trojan.Agent/Gen.Backdoor infection.
  6. Windows System Restore is disabled.
  7. Attempt to copy and paste, or drag and drop files from memory stick to hard drive is defeated by Trojan.Agent/Gen.Backdoor infection.

Remove PUP.Optional.PriceGong.A and Stop Pop up Ads








How Dangerous Is PUP.Optional.PriceGong.A?

PUP.Optional.PriceGong.A is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that has been detected to be associated with Price Gong adware. As a matter of fact, it is a set of program that gear the advertising platform and that help dodge automatic removal when endless pop-ups appear. It is not a virus at all. But with potentially harmful properties, PUP has been created to describe this group. So what are the potentially harmful properties? You may want to take a glance at the below list:

Remove LNK:FakeFolder-B [Trj] (FakeFolder Trojan)

LNK:FakeFolder-B [Trj] Outlines

LNK:FakeFolder-B [Trj] has been recently found to spread via portable devices. Once an affected device is connected to a machine, .lnk extension will be caught to be added to all folders. It had also been found that the files and data copied from a machine were gone when they were about to be pasted onto another machine; and the only stuff that showed up were loads of .tmp files. Though the FakeFolder Trojan can be detected and quarantined by installed anti-virus program, the files stay affected on hard drives. In other word, LNK:FakeFolder-B [Trj] has not been removed completely.

As its name suggests, LNK:FakeFolder-B [Trj] attackes shortcut vulnerability. And once the FakeFolder Trojan settles down on a machine, it would generate items and documents that appear to be normal, awaiting unwitting clicks to execute its vicious codes and payloads:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Remove: Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.D Invasion and Reappearance

Reappearing Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.D 

Microsoft Security Essentials keeps picking up a Virus:DOS/Rovnix.D, telling me to restart the computer to complete clean, as soon as I reboot the computer the same virus appears as soon as I scan again. It either says the virus cannot be found or there is an error encountered while taking an action with it (e.g quarantine, remove, clean). Often now and again I also pick up a PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP as well which seems to be removed, but after another scan it appears quite frequently.” – Quote

What Are The Dangers Behind Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.D Reappearance?

For the past couple of weeks my computer has been completely crashing randomly, showing a blue screen. Not only does my computer crash, but my google chrome crashes constantly. Some times its so bad i can't even get on because it'll crash three seconds after opening a tab. I have microsoft security essentials on my computer. After running a quick scan (I'm unable to run a full scan because the computer always crashes before it has time to be completed), it told me that it detected " Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.D and that the alert level is severe. I don't know how to get rid of this virus, and though it says I should "quarantine" it, I don’t know what that means, and the option is unavailable. “ - Quote


Attacked by Browser Hijacker! How to Remove? Problems

I've read something about being a result of having some sort of spyware in my PC.
Besides the fact that is my homepage now, and I can't rid of it, some words in texts turn into popups with ads, and my chrome extension list features stuff named "IcoValiad 5.3", "ssavvianigitoyou 2.1", "RightSurf 1.0.0" and "New Tab Search 0.5" (at least those are the ones I'm suspicious about)

Microsoft Security Essentials found nothing with Fast Scan, and Complete Scan is running right now.”

I somehow acquired the "Sweetpacks" toolbar/bundle mess today and spent 3 hours trying to remove it - no luck. It takes over your Toolbar, and even blocks legitimate search answers for serious attempts to remove it. Went into "Add/Remove Programs", I can see the various things added today – DomaIQ, IE Toolbar 4.7, VAF Player, etc. Tried to "uninstall" but either they won't OR I get the ‘An unidentified program wants access to your computer Allow or Cancel’.”

All in all, manages to do the following things to plague victims:

Remove PUP.Optional.FreeCause that Trigger Freecause Toolbar and Ads

PUP.Optional.FreeCause Issues

Most of the scans come out clean but few flag PUP.Optional.FreeCause. Attempts to disable Chrome plug-ins will not stop the ads (including Multiple pop up ads advertising products to buy and pop up video commercials) that come into the computer along with PUP.Optional.FreeCause. Attempts to exit out of them would sometimes open up a new window directing to a website to buy anti virus software (as a matter of fact some of the program could be rogueware). Besides, additional applications are caught in sight to occupy internal resource without authorization, freecause toolbar and srp.freecause.comfor example.

What Is PUP.Optional.FreeCause

Some consider PUP.Optional.FreeCause mistakenly as Trojan, instead, it is PUP and categorized as adware. It works just like PUP.Optional.Iminent, PUP.Optional.bProtector and PUP.Optional.Conduit that support web applications accordingly. Such PUP is created to help preload corresponding applications into the system configuration and assist in manipulating settings without being flagged by installed security utilities.

Monday, April 7, 2014

[Know How] Remove Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi from Computers

Brief Introduction of Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi

Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi is a new detected Trojan Horse that mainly attack emails. According to the analysis report by Global PC Support Center that the Trojan is generated by a kit named   Bublik and is designed to help spread vicious codes through social engineering tools including email. Commonly, Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi may:
  • Lower Internet browser security.
  • Disable the computer's firewall.
  • Steal user and computer information.
  • Allow unauthorized access and control of an affected computer.

Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi Payloads

Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi copies itself into multiple pieces and injects them to some pivotal sections, such as startup configuration, Database, drivers concerning security service and browser settings. Besides, Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi would generate Mutex to guarantee that only one piece of copy is executing at a time and add the execution into explorer.exe. In such case, build-in security applications would encounter difficulty in tracing down the Torjan horse and remove it automatically as explorer.exe is considered to be legit and normal.

Remove (Omiga Plus) Browser Hijacker [Self-help Guide] Is Not Virus (Omiga Plus) is technically classified as a browser hijacker that serves to intercept traffic for Omiga Plus promotion regardless of what itself claims to be “the world’s most popular desktop enhancement for Windows” (as a matter of fact, no international brand will adopt such arbitrary and rogue means for promotion).

Such browser hijacker should not be carelessly considered as virus for it does replace homepage and default search engine without authorization. is created to take PC users to the sites relevant to its product to achieve effective promotion. Then how browser hijacker manages to stick a machine and survive conventional removals? Invasion? What Is It and How to Remove

Outfox TV has invaded my Firefox webbrowser. In the past 3 weeks, Outfox TV has hijacked my Internet Browser, and has made itself my Home Page.
I am not sure how it got there. I have not downloaded any free applications..... I swear!  I found the program and delected the program file from my PC, changed my homepage back to Yahoo.....but the darn thing keeps coming back, popping up.  Scanned my PC virus, nothing.

What Is

As its name suggests, offers video shows for PC users. It has its homepage. If one ever pays attention to the ads on its homepage, one could infer that most of the contents are free and has to publish ads for fund to support operation. Such application is quite adept at using ads to work around, for example, pops up some video ads to push its contents.

So You Mean Is Not Virus?

Friday, April 4, 2014

[Know How] Remove/Uninstall Tritax Rogueware – Is It Genuine or Dangerous?

Features Telling Tritax Is Rogueware

  • Tritax installs itself without knowledge.
  • The numbers (more than 100 or 1,000 generally) of problems and infections reported by Tritax.
  • The computer mounted with Tritax is running more and more slowly than it was.
  • PC users are kept being directed to register page for licensed version in order to fix the reported problems and remove flagged infections.
  • Most of the reported items by Tritax cannot be found on the Internet or reputable computer help forums.
  • More error messages emerge to result in malfunction.

Tritax Definition 

Unlike what it appears to be, Tritax is a fake anti-virus program (which belongs to rogueware) that is created to defraud money. Filching the interface (the same that Windows Web Watchdog and other FakeVimes-supported rogueware steal) from one of the Microsoft anti-virus application versions, Tritax manages to gain credit and cheat people into downloading it willingly from some promotional sites. Actually, Tritax is capable of settling into a machine with the below methods:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Remove YoutubeAdblocker Adware and Extension – Is It Non-Removable and Based on PUP.YoutubeAdBlocker?

Do I Have YoutubeAdblocker Virus?

YoutubeAdblocker adware/extension plays dodgy and makes victims experience some new stuff:

  1. Advertisements fly all over the place where it previously wasn't - mainly payday loan, gambling and mail order bride sites. 
  2. Clicking on a link, another page with ads opens up in front of the intended page.
  3. On some sites, some words are suddenly green in colour, underlined a couple of times and clickable to take to advertising sites.
As what YoutubeAdblocker states, it helps block video ads, which it does, but that doesn’t indicate that it would not publish other kind of ads. But one thing can be confirmed is that YoutubeAdblocker is not a virus, it is a PUP geared by PUP.YoutubeAdBlocker.

BrowseSmart Ads by Yontoo [Adware Removal Help for Windows and Mac OS X]

Is BrowseSmart Virus?

Technically speaking, browsesmart is not a virus given the fact that it arouses troubles:
  1. It pops up a lot to cover some text and ruin experience.
  2. Browsesmart pops up more and more.
  3. Additional web applications will be installed afterwards without permission.
  4. It takes up plenty of CPU to display web page, causing browser crash sometimes.
Instead, browsesmart is PUP supported by PUP.Optional.BrowseSmart.A. BrowseSmart serves as an advertising platform to push products for its authors and other operators.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Remove JS:includer-BAO[Trj] – Is JS:includer-BAO[Trj] False Positive and Other FAQs

FAQ1: If JS:includer-BAO[Trj] Positive?

Many people may hold this question about JS:includer-BAO[Trj] for the reasons as follows:
  1. JS:includer-BAO[Trj] is only flagged by Avast.
  2. JS:includer-BAO[Trj] appearing on a site that has been accessed for several years only happens recently.
There are chances that the warning alert about theTrojan horse is false positive. Then how to tell if it is? Here are some ways for you to tell. If the below issues occur, then the warning alert is real:

Remove Why Cannot Remove It and How? Definition

It is not quite fair to call a virus for its creators as they created it simply to help promote other products as well as to earn commissions to fund development. The search engine aims at intercepting traffic which will assist in exposing products to as many PC users as possible for an aggressive online promotion. Following the example of and, does almost the same thing:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Get Rid of Arcade Frontier by EpicPlay LLC [Self-help Instruction]

“Uninstalled the program from Control Panel, but it still pops up with ads and surveys whenever I open a web page especially when I use google chrome”

What Arcade Frontier Is?

With its own uninstaller(C:\users\user\appdata\Local\ArcadeFrontier\uninstaller.exe), Arcade Frontier popup adware will not be uninstalled from target machine. The adware installs itself in Internet Explorer as a BHO (Browser Helper Object) under the name 'ArcadeFrontier Addon' with the class of {6C8DB2EC-499B-4897-A784-0E3186C97E9D}. Coming in as an adware pushing various products, marketing message and the like, arcade frontier manages to incur the following problems to arouse the concerns and questions as to its property out of victims: