Sunday, January 26, 2014 Popup, Remove Random Popup from Windows and Mac OS X




Problems Caused by

  1. Multiple system executable files are running in the background.
  2. More ads including ads by bettersurf will emerge to ruin surfing experience.
  3. It takes longer to load the intended page completely.
  4. Computer resource is consumed considerably when few software are running.
  5. Additional web applications might be detected to install without knowledge.

FAQ: why anti-virus program doesn’t pick popup as a virus when it is causing troubles?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Trojan.BitcoinMiner, Manual Way to Rescue Your Bitcoin

According to Techcrunch, Bitcoin maintains high possibility to soar in value; yet Mark T. Williams, a former commodities trading floor senior executive and Federal Reserve Bank examiner teaching banking, finance and risk management at Boston University School of Management, holds the opinion that Bitcoin is not yet ready for the real world. One of his footholds is Trojan horse risk which is what we are about to talk in this article.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Australian Federal Police Virus Manual Removal, Remove AFP Virus

Most people still holds optimism when being locked down by Australian Federal Police virus which is what we usually called AFP virus, believing that handing over the required amount of money or using another user account will still get things running normally. The fact is that its virulent code will be spread to other aspects that haven’t been contaminated and the money submission only makes things worse.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Remove FBI Cybercrime Division Virus, Unblock Computers

Reports have been made long before that Cyber Division had taken down a botnet based on Coreflood trojan used for fraud; taken down a group responsible for robbing over 2,000 ATM machines at once; takendown a group of about 100 involved in phishing (Operation Phish Phry); and taken down of the DarkMarket cyber crime forum used by criminals, still FBI Cybercrime Division virus survives and has developed new version as the picture attached herein.

FBI Cybercrime Division has nothing to do with the lock down virus except its name being filched by criminals to frighten PC users into handing over ransom which can be up to $300. Victims should not finish the payment since the Trojan-supported FBI Cybercrime Division virus is capable of recording password. To put it plain, your remaining money in the card may be grabbed away empty.


Other Notice

Monday, January 20, 2014

FBI System Failure Virus, FBI Virus Removal Leads to Unblock Computers






Usual Way to Be Blocked by FBI System Failure Virus

Nowadays, many more ransomware have come into people’s life, augmenting the possibility to be locked down by counterfeit police virus. Among which, FBI System Failure virus can be commonly seen. Now let’s learn its dissemination routine so that we can decrease the odd to be blocked down. Global PC Support Center hereby list down dissemination routine for you:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

United Kingdom Police Virus, New Instruction to Remove United Kingdom Police Virus and Unblock Computer

Though the content of United Kingdom Police accusation message keeps the same, it has kept improving itself in order to grab more money across the world. Therefore, the removal method should be altered a little bit.

It has been a long time since the first version of United Kingdom Police virus arose to scourge PC users. Yet many users are more likely to believe that it is real since they don’t want to be locked down in prison, it is a big shame. The cyber criminals know well the psychology and take good advantage of it to practice fraud. Hereby, a list of damages and consequences is offered extracted from Global PC Support Center to come to your knowledge, making sure that more people know that submitting money without removal makes situation more serious:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MyStart by IncrediBar (, How to Remove MyStart by IncrediBar from Mac OS X and Windows




Complaints About MyStart by IncrediBar

A lot of PC users have grumbled about being affected by mystart by incredibar. It usually installs unwittingly without showing its indications in Add-ons file and cannot be removed by anti-virus programs. If one uses anti-virus programs to block, the browser will be then prevented from opening in the end. There are other scenarios that PC users hate triggered by MyStart by IncrediBar, VilmaTech Online Support put them in a list for PC users who haven’t encountered other troubles yet apart from homepage being hijacked by MyStart by IncrediBar:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Police Central E-Crime Unit Virus, How to Unblock Compuetrs from PCeU Ukash Virus

This Article is written to summarize aspects that are worthy of PC users’ attention so that victims get clear picture about PCeU Ukash virus.

Police Central E-Crime Unit Virus Use Trojan Technique to Phish Ukash and PaysafeCard

PCeU virus, short for Police Central E-Crime Unit virus, is actually geared by Reveton Trojan. Such Trojan manages to numerate drivers to make modifications in Database, so that its vicious codes are able to be injected to files and folders for information collection. Once victims submit the amount of money so fix on the counterfeit accusation message through the required payment method (both Ukash and PaysafeCard), the account and PW(password) will be recorded by Police Central E-Crime Unit virus. And the consequence can be imaginable.

Mechanical Damages

Thursday, January 9, 2014

ALOT Toolbar, What Is ALOT Toolbar? Uninstall ALOT Toolbar from Computers and Macs




What Is ALOT Toolbar

A LOT toolbar claims to offer quicker search service for PC users, yet it has aroused antipathy among wide range of PC users simply because of the following aspects:
  • A LOT toolbar installs itself without permission.
  • A LOT toolbar takes over the errands from default one to offer search results.
  • A LOT toolbar seems to bring in more commercial pop-up ads.
  • A LOT toolbar cannot be uninstalled easily with traditional methods like control panel and removing its add-on.

So what is ALOT toolbar. Is it virus since it acts weirdly?

Uninstall Ask Toolbar from Windows and Max OS X – Latest Removal

Why Can’t Uninstall Ask Toolbar
From the complaints gathered by VilmaTech Research Lab, the below methods have been told to fail in uninstalling Ask toolbar:

  • The box next to ask toolbar in Extensions will not be unchecked.
  • Uninstall ask toolbar from Control Panel triggers error message telling all browser windows must be closed for the uninstall process to work when all browser windows were closed already.
  • Uninstall ask toolbar by ending its running process in Task Manager still gets error message when continue to uninstall it.
  • Tried to remove ask toolbar’s add-on in IE find no its indication there.
  • Run full scan by anti-virus programs find nothing.
Ask toolbar is a BHO issued by  in 2009. Obviously, it has been activated on the Internet for quite a long time and of course has gained a broad of promotion out there. It is extremely for PC users to install Ask toolbar when downloading and installing a third-party program including Java in haste.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Babylon Toolbar Virus, How to Remove Babylon Toolbar Virus

Babylon Toolbar Affection Example

There are many situations to get infected by Babylon toolbar virus, and the recent scenario to get infected by the toolbar is the one found by VilmaTech Research Lab:

When installing AutoCad Viewer, Babylon toolbar is attempting to install as well. Due to its notorious reputation, it is believed that people would reject its installation. However, the rejection is not sufficient to enough to stop its installation and Incredibar toolbar installation. When all the installation is done, six separate programs are found to be installed at the same time and to affect all browsers (e.g. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari). Besides, when searching for BabylonToolbar, 23 results will be finally given. Remove Babylon toolbar as well as other incident vicious programs will only make indications disappeared but not resolve search redirect issues.

Dangers Babylon Toolbar Virus Imposes

As a Browser Helper Object (BHO), Babylon toolbar is not technically a virus. However, immediate removal is in desperate need due to potential dangers it imposes.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Metropolitan Police Virus, Remove Ukash Virus that Locks Computer








It is not new to PC users, especially the ones resident in United Kingdom. Yet writing the post is necessary to tell everybody the fact that Metropolitan Police virus is striving for improvements and more variants to trap more money. Also, according to the post by victims, there are still a number of people don’t know Metropolitan Police virus well to submit the amount of money so fix on the scaring accusation message which is at least £100. Metropolitan Police lock down message is displayed by virus and it is capable of triggering many more unexpected computer problems. For more information, please finish the following paragraphs.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Websteroids, Remove from PCs and Macs with Latest Instruction



Is Websteroids Dangerous?

It is universally known that websteroids pops up to display random ads on a computer. However, few people know that it is a virus supported by PUP.Optional.websteroids. It is a virus, yet its creators loathe the title and would like to name it as potentially unwanted program because websteroids is used to help with products promotion rather than impose damages to computers.

Adware as it is, websteroids can be dangerous due to its malicious features that are originally serving to help with aggressive promotion.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Remove System Care Antivirus, Latest Rogueware Removal





How Dangerous is System Care Antivirus 

System care antivirus program is a rogueware supported by Trojan. With a user-friendly UI and name, System care antivirus has trapped not a few PC users into downloading it willingly. Of course, some promotional ways have helped system care antivirus rogueware with settlement:
  1. Spam advertisements or implanted ads are paid to help promote system care antivirus.
  2. Automatic download of freeware/shareware will help with settlement.
After settle down on a target machine covertly, system care antivirus starts to implement evil conducts stemming from Trojan. Affecting Drivers is the very first thing to do.