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Remove System Care Antivirus, Latest Rogueware Removal





How Dangerous is System Care Antivirus 

System care antivirus program is a rogueware supported by Trojan. With a user-friendly UI and name, System care antivirus has trapped not a few PC users into downloading it willingly. Of course, some promotional ways have helped system care antivirus rogueware with settlement:
  1. Spam advertisements or implanted ads are paid to help promote system care antivirus.
  2. Automatic download of freeware/shareware will help with settlement.
After settle down on a target machine covertly, system care antivirus starts to implement evil conducts stemming from Trojan. Affecting Drivers is the very first thing to do. 

By doing so, its vicious codes are injected into system automatic start-up section to make Windows boot as automatic initiator of its running; installed anti-virus programs will be compromised by its vicious components not to be powerful enough to implement efficient removal. In other word, kernel part of a target machine (Database) is modified to its will.

Things need attention:

Due to the random modifications by system care antivirus, the overall secure coefficient is decreased not to be capable of protecting the target machine from deadly virus. What’s worse, according to the typical Trojan activities, backdoor will be formed, which does aggrandize the possibility to be affected by other infections since the backdoor can be easily exploited. Thus, the longer system care antivirus stays sticky to a machine, the more dysfunctions/ troubles can be anticipated:
  1. Sluggish computer performance due to highly consumed CPU.
  2. Plenty of unknown item accumulate on a target machine.
  3. Search redirect issue can happen.
  4. More pop-up adware can be caught in sight to ruin surfing experience.

Screenshot of warnings given away by System Care Antivirus


Remove system care antivirus with manual way – considering the fact that system care antivirus is supported by Trojan, a kind of virus that is good at hiding trace by cleansing log and binding vicious codes onto system items, anti-virus programs are not able to detect it, let alone remove system care antivirus.

Follow good PC practice – if one follows good PC practice all the time to regularly update programs, check computer health, enhance security, adopt comparatively secure way when downloading or operating, slim hope will be left for system care antivirus’s infiltration.

Have tried many ways to remove system care antivirus to failure? Follow the latest instruction to help yourself out. But always ask professionals with rich experience in solving computer issues at VilmaTech Online Support when you get stuck or confused so that no mistake is made to incur unexpected problems.

Latest Instruction to Remove System Care Antivirus

Step1. Uninstall system care antivirus with its own uninstall wizard.
  • Spread Start menu and point mouse to All programs to search for system care antivirus.
  • Select “uninstall” in its drop-down list.
  • Allow the uninstall wizard to finish its work automatically.
  • (usually the uninstall will not complete, so we have to follow the below steps to proceed)

Step2. Remove system care antivirus from Control Panel.

Windows 8
Click on “Unpin” button -> select Control Panel -> find system care antivirus -> right click on it -> choose “uninstall”.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
Spread Start menu -> select Control Panel -> find system care antivirus -> right click on it -> choose “uninstall”.

Step3. Show hidden items to remove any related items with system care antivirus.

Windows 8
Windows Explorer -> browse to View tab -> tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options -> press “OK” button.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
Control Panel -> ‘Folder Options’ -> hit View tab -> tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ -> press on ‘OK’ button.

When all items are unveiled, navigate to the following directories to remove any items named after system care antivirus or random letters and numbers:
C:\Program Files
C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\system care antivirus

Step4. Access Database to remove keys and values related to system care antivirus.

Hold Win key and R key together -> Run box -> type “regedit” -> access Database.
When in, navigate to the following entries to remove the related vicious items.
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Windows driver

System care antivirus is a rogueware instead of a computer-friendly software. Get infected with system care antivirus will lead to mass on both computer and browser due to the aggressive infiltration to modify registry entries. Backdoor can be brought into being and information will be collected to transfer to remove spammer who will resell the collected information to make money, which will result in bad situation where spammers get know which are the most visited website and they will prepare to attack those sites in order to affect more people for more money. To retrieve a completely healthy computer with less energy and time, it is always recommended to remove system care antivirus as soon as possible. The longer it stays on a machine, the more uncertainty will happen to block a complete removal. If it is the case, it is advisable to resort professional help offered by VilmaTech online experts here who will help resolve your computer problem with solution according to your concrete situation.


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