Monday, March 31, 2014

[Solution] What Is Dllhost.exe and Why It Consumes CPU?

Dllhost.exe Process Information

Dllhost.exe is the component to run COM+ so as to drive web and FTP server. It is created to manage DLL for the coordination among build-in controls, drivers, software and hardware, so that the system will be able to resist malicious infiltration. To put it plain, dllhost.exe will occur when running security utilities and dealing with connections.

The information chart is enough to answer the question as to “is dllhost.exe a virus”. However, the below scenarios do make PC users concerned:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Remove ( that Pops up on AOL Mail [Expert Help]







What Pops up For? is actually an advertising platform publishing ads to gain revenue. It once gained approximately $15 million in 2009 before it applies rogue methods to stay on people’s computers. It can be inferred that Tumri Inc. earns a lot more nowadays with the tricks to stick to computers:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Remove dpx.js - Download "dpx.js" File from "”?

Quote About dpx.js Scenario

-    Every now and then on some sites a little download notification pops up bellow saying I need to download the file "dpx.js" from the domain "".

-    As I've been going through notifications I have several times had a bar pop up at the bottom of my screen asking this:
Do you want to open or save dpx.js (4.39) KB from
I see it is hosted at a website called 4shared. Uploaded by someone with a name of eng.melshafie. No information is given about the file.


  1. Do not click on the popup message.
  2. Quick removal.
Or consequences are:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Remove Council of Europe Virus: Internet Access Is Temporarily Blocked

New Trick by Council of Europe Virus

Council of Europe virus is a ransomware that shares the same purpose with CryptoDenfense ransomware – money. Cleverer and more elusive than other versions of ransomware, Council of Europe virus would ask for identity verification before the so called penalty. Do not take the process as a cover or an unnecessary move. Filling out the form containing credit card information and other personal information will lead to money loss as well as identity theft. Do not forget that Council of Europe virus blocks browsers rather than a system, which means that Script technology (VBScript or JavaScript) will be adopted and it is the technology that is capable of recording and collecting such information.

How Dangerous Council of Europe Virus Is?

It is believed that the dangers of ransomware have long been reported. Yet there are still people submit the non-existent ransom to the hackers in a hope that the PC will be unblocked and files will be retrieved. As a matter of fact, there are ways to unblock PC and retrieve files since there’s no complex encryption. One should believe in the tech nowadays. Quick removal is highly recommended, or the below listed problems could ruin your day even after the Council of Europe virus being removed:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stop from Redirecting and Remove the Browser Hijacker

There’s no doubt that is a browser hijacker to replace homepage, search engine and to intercept traffic for its operators. What targets is money rather than the incidental problems thereby:
  1. Both browser and computer become tardy in response.
  2. Additional web applications are installed without permission and knowledge.
  3. Endless and countless pop-up ads emerge to ruin surfing experience.
  4. CPU is hogged unbelievably to degrade the overall PC performance.
  5. Browser may crash.

Why Cannot Be Removed

It can be removed but not automatically. is not technically a virus, therefore, no removal threads stored in virus reservoir that fit it for automatic removal. Then questions would pour out; it is believed that the frequently asked question is “if is not a virus, then how it sticks around”.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Is SmartPCFix Virus and How to Remove/Uninstall It?

PC user’s help request (quote):

First of all i am not computer literate at all so i will try my best to explain as best as possible when i start my computer i have a pop that states Attention 5988 errors are slowing down your computer, would you like to register isharpsoft registry cleaner Pro , I have searched and searched but i cannot remove this software i have tried on safe mode and ran malware remover with no success it did find some other type files which where successfully deleted'.

It has been widely accepted that SmartPCFix (Smart PC Fix) is a rogue security application or at least nasty software to ruin PC performance rather than fix PC problems as its name suggests. Some say that SmartPCFix is a fake registry cleaner program while some would be willing to download it from CNET or Softonic for whatever reasons. But as what Global PC Support Center suggests, it is safer to uninstall SmartPCFix for the below reasons:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hit by BitCrypt Ransomware, Solutions?


Your BitCrypt ID:

All necessary files on your PC (photos, documents, data bases and other) were encoded with a unique RSA-100. Decoding of your files ins only possible by a special program that is unique for each BitCrypt ID. Specialist from the computer repair services and anti-virus labs won’t be able to help you. In order to receive the program decryptor you need to follow this link…
Remember, the faster you act the more chances to recover your files undamaged.

BitCrypt is an encryption utility that would conceal all documents on a target machine within a bitmap image; whereupon, all files would manifest them with extra extensions, such as blabla.jpg.bitcrypt, or blabla.xls.bitcrypt. By encrypting files, BitCrypt ransomware could make profitable income for its author as 0.4 BTC (about $220) is required for each decipher.

BitCrypt Is Easily Broken?

There were some articles reporting that BitCrypt was easily broken since some big mistake had been found by the hacker and claiming that a 128-byte key (1024 bits) was planned to be generated, but instead a 128-digit number was finally generated. It seems to be exciting to hear that “the cado-nfs tool has been used to obtain the encryption key. The experts have also published a Python script that’s designed to restore the encrypted files”; however, words spread. The hacker got to learn about it and quickly pushed a second variant into the market to continue his/her work. One can easily see that the solution to the first variant fails.

Friday, March 21, 2014

CryptoDefense Asks for $500 BitCoin Aiming at Enterprises! Help!

CryptoDefense is another encryption software in the wake of Cryptolocker. It employs almost the same way to encrypt the document and data on a target machine:
CryptoDefense acquires RSA public key from its remote control server when its vicious codes is injected by a supportive worm. A new AES key will be consequently generated to encrypt almost all types of files including .jpg. In other word, the encrypted documents are locked down with two keys. One of them can be deciphered by a private key which can be accessed on its controller and the other is in the hand of CryptoDefense’ author.

If one hands over money, the hacker would ask the victim to download certain browser and get the private key him/herself. Once the key it typed on the locked down computer, the hacker would remotely control the machine and use another key to finally decipher the documents, if the hacker keeps his/her words. Therefore, the decipher means has not yet been mastered. But it is necessary to remove CryptoDefense’ vicious code from the computer to prevent further damage.

Damages by CryptoDefense

Asking for BitCoin is its main goal. To ensure the income, some damages should be made concretely. By preloading its virulent code into boot sector and overwriting concerning drivers, CryptoDefense manages to run right before Windows displays its desktop, making it futile to dodge CryptoDefense by simply rebooting the affected computer or by enabling Task Manager. Drivers regarding security utilities are also disabled by CryptoDefense; plus complex SHA shell, CryptoDefense is capable of hindering any modifications of its core files and data, so that the evil deeds can be guaranteed. When drivers, tools to communicate between hardware and software for a better operation, are disabled or maliciously modified, mechanical problems, dysfunctions and malfunctions would be incurred:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Remove Adware.CoolWebSearch, Is Adware.CoolWebSearch Virus?

Adware.CoolWebSearch Problems

CoolWebSearch is an adware that once ranged in 2005 and detected by AVG. So far according to the observations, Adware.CoolWebSearch attacks Windows platforms only. Though as an adware, CoolWebSearch manages to give rise to the following problems:
  1. Computer runs slow in general.
  2. Hourglass lingers longer than usual on desktop and Windows explorer.
  3. Random pop-ups occur to ruin surfing experience.
  4. Additional items are detected after its installation, including "shoppingwizard","offer optimizer", and "CasProg".
  5. Adware.CoolWebSearch would sometimes even prevent searching.
  6. The adware makes installed anti-virus programs keep sending warnings every couple hours that the computer is at risk.

Is Adware.CoolWebSearch Virus?

HEUR:Worm.Script.Generic, What Is It and How to Remove?

What HEUR:Worm.Script.Generic Does?

  1. Disables Automatic update by overwriting relevant drivers.
    HEUR:Worm.Script.Generic can affect any connected device and generate autorun.inf for automatic affection and propagation.
  2. The worm would affect system running processes to confuse installed security utilities and escape automatic removal.
  3. HEUR:Worm.Script.Generic connects designated web sites to download additional malicious items and generates Root.exe in scripts folder under “web” category (utilized to execute commands remotely), which would finally result in unauthorized access and direct control.
  4. The worm utilizes shortcut vulnerability to automatically run virulent items whose extension can be .lnk and.dll.
  5. DNS setting will be manipulated because of VBScript technology, leading to browser hijacking(e.g. redirecting problem.
  6. The worm could cause financial loss by taking advantage of JavaScript technology to steal log-in credentials and identity information.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014, Is It Virus and How to Remove?

Is Virus? is an accessory of Babylon translation tool. It is no more than a traffic exchanging site to intercept traffic and help promote its translation products. Usually speaking, downloading and installing relevant products or third-party programs would result in hijacking. It is not technically a virus though it employs rogue deeds such as replacing default homepage and search engine without permission and keeping directing people to commercial sites.

Reasons of Resisting Automatic Removal 

Security utilities are created to detect and remove infections by finding malicious attribute code. Since is not a virus at all, anti-virus programs are not able to help remove it automatically even though it is hijacking browsers and causing problems:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Help Remove Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W – Easy Fix

Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W Vicious Characters

  1. Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W hooks APIs to access DataBase or computer hardware concerning pivotal components such as security service.
  2. Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W downloads and executes additional modules from the C&C server ( C& C domain has been detected).
  3. Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W works in multithreading mode to communicate with the malicious driver and sends an encrypted buffer to the driver to be written in hidden storage and injected into processes.
  4. Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W offers botnet for rent to earn money.
  5. Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W contains a URL address and uses HTTP protocol in the communication.

Why Anti-virus Program Won’t Remove Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W

Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W is roughly categorized as Trojan; it possesses high secluded performance:

Remove and Stop It from Hijacking

Brief Introduction

Type: Browser Hijacker

System infected: Windows and Mac OS X

Consequences: information theft and additional mechanical damages

Common Symptoms:
  1. replaces default homepage, captures new tabs, changes default search engine.
  2. offers results with URLs started with its domain.
  3. The search results are primarily directing to commercial sites.
  4. It takes longer for a browser to respond request.

Why Would I Have

Most PC users don’t know the exact reason for being hijacked by and say that the hijacker appears all of a sudden. Actually, there are reasons for everything and not all are visible and noticeable. Technicians from Global PC Support Center would like to list down some dissemination routine to your reference so that more precautions will be taken in the future to block such scenario:

Remove Tursted(sic).net Virus – Quick Fix

Tursted(sic).net Affection Example

When you click on a link, the link is intercepted by an invisible frame and sending you to a tailored sub-domain determined by whatever site you are using at the time. For example, if you click on a reddit comment link, you will be sent to and if it is an imgur link, you will be sent to

Other (domain).tursted(sic).net Redirect Problems

Remove and Stop Popup Ads from Windows and Mac OS X Information is a popup adware that would settles in hyperlinks injected on some in-text messages. It should be made clear that is not a virus, instead, it is a rogue adware that adopts BHO and JS technology to stick to a target machine and prevent conventional removal. People consider a virus mostly due to its appearance together with virus like hijacker. As a matter of fact, it is no more than an advertising platform to help promote sales in a rogue manner.

What Implies?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Remove Dialer.Rapidblaster Virus – VilmaTech Experts Guide

Dialer.RapidBlaster is supported by Adware:Win32/RapidBlaster and was firstly found in 2003. But now, it stages a come back with the capability of triggering more troubles:
  1. “Database is corrupt” keep appearing in the middle of operation.
  2. Lots of error messages have been found to block proper runnings and to tell that something is blocking the FTP ports.
  3. Settings have been changed to proxy settings.
  4. Dialer.RapidBlaster shuts down scanning by security utilities before the scan is completed.
  5. It takes much time to open up browsers harassed by Dialer.RapidBlaster.
  6. The computer is running like a snail.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Facebook Virus – Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Plane Has Been Spotted

As more people gaining intensified interest in Malaysia Plane #MH370 and hoping that the plane will be found, hackers fake a piece of news about it to trap for clicks so that innocent PC users will download virus themselves willingly and unwittingly. Though the numbers of FaceBook user is expected to surpass that of Google Plus user (read more), Facebook still stands as the most influential and the fastest spreading media tool in the world. That’s why hackers target FaceBook and post this hot issue there in an attempt to get as more information as possible for money generation in a large number within a short period of time.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Remove Hijacker from Mac OS X and Windows Symptoms

  1. redirects victims to commercial sites frequently.
  2. hijacks default homepage.
  3. changes default search engine.
  4. arouses multiple running processes such as system.exe or winlogon.exe to hog CPU, leading to sluggish PC performance. is a fresh blood injected into browser hijacker to fit the nowadays network environment so that more traffic can be intercepted from Safari, the browser that most people consider it to be much safer.

What Actually Does?

ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPakVirus, Unblock Computer

It is bad to hear that ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPak virus, one of the top 10 ransomware scams in 2013 stages a comeback with much more intrusive characteristics:
  1. ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPak virus would sometimes display white screen after several reboots.
  2. ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPak virus attacks any external device and hides up its driver.
  3. ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPak virus blocks System Restore by modifying concerning drivers.

ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPak Virus Is Fake

It is worth the mentioning that ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPak locking down page is totally fake as there are still some victims would rather believe that’s true and pay for the virus with large sum of money in exchange of nothing. ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPak virus belongs to ransomware which is geared by Trojan horse so that language settings can be collected and the counterfeit lock down warning will be displayed accordingly and vividly to defraud credibility, which implies that the hardest hit area United States is not the only target of ICE Cyber Crime Center MoneyPak virus, all countries around the world are under its radar.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Remove Redirect Virus, Self-help Guide is a URL redirection virus, which is what we called redirect virus. has been found by a recommended PC security center to carry malicious ActiveX, Applet and JavaScript documents. It is these documents that assist in manipulating DNS settings and also it is they that help redirect virus survive automatic removal by security utilities. Is Dangerous

The destinations of redirect virus are always including and Obviously, is trying to help with hijacking and it is attempting to introduce in additional infections. With more and more infections being injected into a single system to implement vicious manipulation, memory leak can be anticipated and PC performance will be decreased steeply, resulting in a series of problems as listed below:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Remove Misleading.FakeAV Image File Execution Options, Real Or False Positive?






Ways to Tell if Misleading.FakeAV Is False Positive

Misleading.FakeAV has been recently reported by various anti-virus programs in the middle of the operation. Yet some people cannot find the detected path (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\chrome.exe&Debugger, [date]) or related items in local disk. Therefore, some people consider that Misleading.FakeAV alert can be false positive. Global PC Support Center would like to advise the way to rule of the possibility of false positive:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuvaro Search Redirect (, How to Restore Home Page?

Tuvaro ( Is Not Virus

Tuvaro ( homepage hijacker has been alive on the Internet for quite a while; however, there’s still no sign of its sinking. Usually speaking, Tuvaro hijacks homepage, occupies each new tab and replaces default search engine when it has ever been detected. Without automatic way to deal with it, many victims consider Tuvaro ( search redirect as a browser virus.

It is safe to say that Tuvaro search redirect is a traffic exchanging site rather than virus that affects concerning drivers, data files and other computer programs such as security utility.

Then why Tuvaro search redirect keeps hijacking? By manipulating DNS settings, manages to take targets to the URLs it desires (sites that are written by its partners or its author), making it possible that the desirable links gain high ranking within a short period of time. This is why some redirecting issues happen when Tuvaro search redirect has been ever detected.

Well, sometimes would simply stay silent. But it is possible for it to intercept traffic. If one looks closer, one should notice the difference between search results by tuvaro search redirect and those by Google. The most search results by Tuvaro search redirect are commercial sites and have loose relation to search query.

Is Tuvaro Search Redirect Dangerous?

Monday, March 10, 2014

What Is Twunk_32.exe? Twunk_32.exe Error Reasons and Solution

Twunk_32.exe Definition

Twunk_32.exe is not a system process. Published by Twain Working Group, twunk_32.exe is associated with twain 32 folder in C:\WINDOWS to deal with the communication between software and digital imaging devices.

Twunk_32.exe Doubt

Most people would take Twunk_32.exe as virus for several reasons:
  1. Twunk_32.exe is not familiar to wide range of PC users.
  2. Twunk_32.exe is not Microsoft process.
  3. Twunk_32.exe has been flagged by installed anti-virus programs.
Usually the commonly seen Twunk_32.exe problems includes “Twunk_32.exe cannot be found”, “Twunk_32.exe is unable to start”, “Twunk_32.exe Runtime error”, Twunk_32.exe brings about BSOD and Twunk_32.exe consumes CPU considerably. A list made by VilmaTech Online Support is quoted here to your reference.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fix Browser Crash: Why Browser Crashes and What Are the Consequences?

I am going completely nuts. I have firefox 3 and IE8 beta for my browsers. Both crash all the time. I have reformatted my computer and the problem still presists. Can anybody help please. I have tried everything to clearing my cookies, cache, disk clean up, anti virus, spyware and finally reinstalling my windows disk. Still i have problems on all browers.’ – quote from one of the PC users who have browser crash problem.

It is wrong to consider that browser crash is caused exclusively by browser items. In effect, there are many more reasons to cause browser crash and some are beyond our control:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Remove Futurro Antivirus Software with Recommended Rogueware Removal Guide

Futurro Antivirus Software Is Rougue

Futurro Antivirus Software is a rogueware that pretends to be computer-friendly software to tackle down infections and browser malware. With unique and compact interface, Futurro Antivirus manages to win credit from wide range of PC users. However, the below behaviours will show it’s slip:
  1. Futurro Antivirus installs itself without knowledge and permission.
  2. Futurro Antivirus software automatically run scans at each Windows starts and it cannot be re-configured not to do so.
  3. Futurro Antivirus consumes plenty of CPU to result in a sluggish PC performance.
  4. Some detections cannot be found on the Internet and cannot be handled by itself.
  5. Register page is frequently accessed when trying to remove detection with Futurro Antivirus.
Obviously, Futurro Antivirus is created to trap people’s money. And what it does can be even worse as stated in the following paragraphs.

Savingsbull Ad Detection, Remove Popup Ad That Brings in Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]

Savingsbull Troubles

Savingsbull is classified as adware that has been detected by installed anti-virus programs and its files have been reported:
  • C:Program Files (x86)\SavingsBull
  • IEOptimizer64.dll
  • C:/Windows/Installer
  • C:\Program Files\SavingsbullFilter.
  • 6273be.msi
Though guilty files are told to victims, some of them refuse to be removed both automatically and manually since error message would popup to tell that something is in use. Hence, victims without professional computer knowledge can do nothing but to stare at the troubles made by Savingsbull ad:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj] Bring in Additional Items, Remove Trojan Horse Manually


What Is Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj]?

Virus name always suggests its main task. ‘Win32’ indicates that the target OS is Windows, so Mac owners may just relax. ‘BHO’ is short for Browser Helper Object, which indicates that Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj] would arouse mess on browsers (IE/Opera/Chrome/Firefox/Safari). ‘[Trj]’ point out that the virus is categorized as Trojan horse and it is endowed with typical Trojan features such as opening up backdoor, collecting confidential information. ‘ALX’ is simply the code name for variation.

For now, we can inferred some evil deeds of Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj] and foresee the consequences of its affection:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Search Protect by Conduit with Cltmng.exe and Cltmngui.exe File, How to Remove?

What Is Search Protect by Conduit?

Usually, Search Protect by Conduit will appear together with as such application is published by conduit. LTD who claims that Search Protect by Conduit is capable of protecting the target machine from malware, malicious extensions and homepage hijacker. The fact is just on the contrary. As one victim reported ‘all my on-line searches came up empty with a DIY means’. Search Protect by Conduit would popup all of a sudden without authorization.

In effect, Search Protect by Conduit is technically classified as PUP that causes irritating issues:
  1. Search Protect by Conduit pops up a lot to ask for selection when the default homepage is not set as
  2. Search Protect by Conduit causes error message about Cltmng.exe file and Cltmngui.exe file.
  3. Search Protect by Conduit changes default homepage.

Search Protect by Conduit FAQ