Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is PUP.Optional.bProtector.A Virus and How to Remove It Completely

Is PUP.Optional.bProtector.A Virus?

It is believed that many people would consider PUP.Optional.bProtector.A a virus due to the fact that installed security utility flag it and it does give rise to the following troubles:
  1. PUP.Optional.bProtector.A signs in together with random popups including GreatArcadeHits.
  2. PUP.Optional.bProtector.A’s appearance drags down the overall surfing speed and PC performance.
  3. PUP.Optional.bProtector.A triggers numbers of threat alerts to make PC users concerned.
Not every items detected by security utilities are virus. Take Win32:malware-gen for example, its report can be false positive when anti-virus program extract the same attribute code from a fraction of certain program as virus’. Well the situation can be quite different. PUP.Optional.bProtector.A is classified as Potentially Unwanted Program rather than a virus attacking pivotal parts of a system.

PUP.Optional.bProtector.A Should be Removed 

There are several reasons for a quick PUP.Optional.bProtector.A removal:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Win32:malware-gen Resists Removal, How to Remove Win32:malware-gen from Windows

Win32:malware-gen Trouble

  1. Internal files can be modified and corrupted by Win32:malware-gen’s files to incur various error messages including twunk_32.exe.
  2. Computer is running much slower than before due to highly consumed CPU by Win32:malware-gen.
  3. Backdoor is opened after win32:malware-gen utilizes ports to load down additional items and upload collected information.
  4. Additional programs such as popup can be found because of the backdoor opened up by Win32:malware-gen.
  5. More infections, Trojan horse especially will be detected by installed anti-virus programs before long.

Win32:malware-gen Affects Portable Device

Win32:malware-gen affection can only be detected by security utility as it employs desktop.ini technique which was created by Microsoft to help purify interface while have lots of system file run to maintain proper operation. Also autorun.inf is utilized to help with win32:malware-gen’s automatic running when a portable device is connected to a computer. As a consequence, the connected machine will be soon affected. Apart from this dissemination routine, win32:malware-gen own other ways:

Remove Browser Malware from IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera


Why Anti-virus Program Won’t Remove is not a virus, it is a program written by technical guys to help promote sales for network operator. It does offer quick search in some aspect but it does not necessarily to give away the most relevant search results according to the search query.

With JS technique and BHO technique, manages to place itself and change browser setting without being flagged by installed security utilities as those techniques are commonly used by programmers who dedicate to improving surfing experience for the mass. Therefore, anti-virus programs are not able to remove when it is hijacking and redirecting people to undesired sites.

What Are the Dangers from

The troubles of getting are easy to catch:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Remove Win32: Somoto-J (PUP) and Stop Popup Issue





Win32: Somoto-J (PUP) Affection Signals

The most distinct signals of having PUP virus is the non-stop pop-up ads. Such object can be considered to be a supporter of ads. Besides, update_checker.exe is deemed to be another obvious signal for Win32: Somoto-J;s affection as it is found to be companied with the PUP. There are other signals, but they are not detected until Somoto-J has been put in place:
  1. Win32: Somoto-J triggers pop-ups and other annoyances on the browser.
  2. Windows runs so slow and Internet seems to have intermittent connection after Win32: Somoto-J has been flagged.
  3. The affected browser, most of the time, doesn’t show anything aside from a blank page.

Is SearchAssist Virus? Should I Remove SearchAssist?


Is SearchAssist Virus?

Recently, many PC users have been plagued by SearchAssist. Most people think that searchassist is virus simply because they don’t remember downloading Search Assist and they detect unpleased scenario. As a matter of fact, there are many programs and applications out there that can be installed without permission or unwittingly just like searchassist. Global PC Support Center would like to inform wide range of PC users that searchassist is not a virus in a responsible manner. Its infiltration way would differentiate it from virus.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Remove, Trovigo Has Companions!

trovigo-com-virus Global PC Support Center has received a case that appeared together with, AVG search and yahoo search on several tabs. None of the build-in browser function would help resolve this problem.

What Is has been classified as browser hijacker due to the following behaviours:
  1. sticks to be default homepage.
  2. offers search results regardless of users’ preference.
  3. provides more access to commercial sites according to queries than Google does.
However, is not technically a virus. By adopting BHO technique and JS technique rather than replicating itself to attack internal configuration, manages to stay on a machine without being flagged by installed anti-virus program.

Why Hijacks?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MyPC Backup Pops Up! Uninstall It from Mac OS X and Windows

MyPC Backup Misery

According to the feedbacks and complaints by wide range of PC users posted on various computer forums as well as the real-time test on MyPC Backup, Global PC Support Center has made a list of MyPC Backup Misery to your reference:
  1. MyPC Backup constantly pops up backup message.
  2. A computer was running fast but now its like dial up with MyPC Backup.
  3. CPU usage is unstable, spiking up and down just like yoyo.
  4. Numerous programs have been put on a target machine’s desktop that the victim didn't download.
  5. It seems that several new programs appear every day.
  6. Homepage is replaced by and surfing experience is constantly ruined by GreatArcadeHits
  7. Multiple unknown running processes like dllhost.exe are consuming CPU.
Wanna end MyPC Backup’s process and your misery? No rush. You should be informed with some potential dangers before uninstalling it.

Should I Worry MyPC Backup?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bee Coupons Pops Up Non-stop, Remove Coupon Pop-up

Complaints about Bee Coupons

Global PC Support Center has recently received complaints about Bee Coupons installing itself without permission and popping up to turn words on a page into links causing pop up ads and extra adds on web pages. Other complaints about this ad have make people concerned:
  1. bee coupons refuses to be uninstalled and claims to be installed by enterprise policy.
  2. bee coupons comes back after re-installing the affected browser.
  3. bee coupons returns after deleting some of its registry entries.
  4. bee coupons pop-up issue cannot be resolved by anti-virus programs.

Bee Coupons Analysis

Actually, bee coupon is not that horrible as many people think. It is no more than an adware adopting BHO and JS techniques with an aim at promoting business. It is not a virus at all, that’s why anti-virus programs are not able to remove it. Yet its unsolicited installation and reimage do arouse panic and concerns, Let’s have a glance at the causes and reasons.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mysearchdial Redirects, Remove Start.MySearchDial from Mac OS X and Windows

Why Mysearchdial Replaces Homepage?

Mysearchdial( is called browser hijacker other than virus due to two reasons:
  1. It was created by commercial operators to intercept traffic and direct the traffic to their products for promotional sales other than mechanical damage.
  2. Mysearchdial is not programmed with typical virus items; instead, it is adopting BHO technique and JS technique.
It all makes sense now. Staying on a target machine and replacing homepage is a way to promote more business.

Is Mysearchdial Dangerous?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Optimizer Pro (PC Utilities Pro), Should I Remove It and How?

PC optimizer pro
Be noted that the Optimizer pro depicted in this article is not the official one. Optimizer pro herein refers to PC Utilities Pro specifically.

This article references and is written to inform related harms as well as to advice efficient removal method. Thus VirusRemoval Guideline should not be mistakenly considered to be in association with the promotion or endorsement of Optimizer pro.

Infiltration Overview 

  1. Distributed through pay-per-install bundle like "converter".
  2. Implants in Windows Service.
  3. Inject Run value in Database.


Thursday, February 13, 2014, How to Remove Hijacker

Recently, there are complaints about homepage being hijacked by Such browser hijacker can be deemed as one of the variant/incarnation of People want to remove so bad simply because they don’t want it to be default homepage without realizing the potential dangers imposed by it. Therefore, VilmaTech Online Support would like to inform wide range of PC users of relevant aspect.

Dangers You Should Concern

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FAQ about Better Surf Ads and Efficient Way to Remove Ads by Better Surf



What Is Better Surf Ad 

According to Global PC Support Center, it is an adware supported by Adware:Win32/BetterSurf. Adware as it is, it has been reported to have heavily irritated PC users and do make some troubles:
  1. Randomly pop up on browsers when connection is available.
  2. Browser would crash after Better Surf has been ever detected.
  3. It takes longer to wait for desirable content.
Due to the adverse response from wide range of PC users and the unpleasant behavior, bettersurf ad has been finally identified as PUP (potentially unwanted program).

Why Anti-virus programs do not remove better surf ad?

Sunday, February 9, 2014 Is Scam, Remove Fake Popup Warning Message displays identical content as does, even the TEL NO. is the same. The content roughly tells you that your computer is affected with virus and that you might want tech support. VilmaTech Online Support would like to inform you that such tech support is unreliable and inexistent. Once $199 is paid for the support, the so-called technician runs away all of a sudden. And all you got finally will be affected machine (by and possibly others) and the TEL NO.. There’s no way to dig out the loathsome scammer.

Friday, February 7, 2014

JionniiCoupOn Popup Ad, Latest Manual Removal Guide Applicable to Mac OS X and Windows

Obviously, JionniiCoupOn popup always give away coupons that claim to help save money. It can be true. However, it has turned into annoying web application that randomly and continuously popup whenever connection is available; thus it hogs not a bit computer resource, causing sluggish PC performance. It is the reason why people who get JionniiCoupOn popup ad would like to remove it so bad.

Global PC Support Center would like to advice PC users of its potential harms in this article so as to urge timely removal for the sake of computer health as well as safety: