Friday, February 7, 2014

JionniiCoupOn Popup Ad, Latest Manual Removal Guide Applicable to Mac OS X and Windows

Obviously, JionniiCoupOn popup always give away coupons that claim to help save money. It can be true. However, it has turned into annoying web application that randomly and continuously popup whenever connection is available; thus it hogs not a bit computer resource, causing sluggish PC performance. It is the reason why people who get JionniiCoupOn popup ad would like to remove it so bad.

Global PC Support Center would like to advice PC users of its potential harms in this article so as to urge timely removal for the sake of computer health as well as safety:

  1. JionniiCoupOn popup manages to support long-term settlement on a target machine without being removed easily, which indicates some modifications on browser settings have been made to the machine; it is potentially dangerous because such modification can lead to web vulnerability, the one is primarily utilized by infections for infiltration.
  2. Jionniicoupon popup ad is created with the purpose of more contributions to business; more exposure is needed, thus additional web applications can be anticipated to help redirect to certain web page.
  3. Jionniicoupon popup ad is identified as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) rather than virus; it is commercially-intended for money; alleviating additional popup ad will help it to get extra commission.
Usually, anti-virus program will not help remove JionniiCoupOn popup since it is not virus at all. To safeguard your machine, it is recommended to apply manual method. Below is the latest manual removal guide offered by recommended online PC security service. It is advisable to manually remove JionniiCoupOn popup ad with sufficient computer skills due to the fact that JionniiCoupOn popup ad may probably help install additional items, which will enable its survival over the below recommended steps. On the occurrence of unexpected situation that’s overwhelming you, it is wise to get one-to-one professional help from VilmaTech Online Support.

Latest Manual Removal Guide to Remove JionniiCoupOn Popup Ad from Mac OS X and Windows

Step one – enable popup blocker.

Mozilla Firefox
Tools menu -> Options -> Web features -> choose JionniiCoupOn popup ad as the item to be blocked.

Internet Explorer
Tools menu -> Options -> Privacy tab -> pop-up Blocker -> check “Block pop-ups”.                                                 

Google Chrome
Tool menu -> Options -> “Under the Hood” tab -> “Content Settings” ->“Pop-ups” -> make sure that JionniiCoupOn is not in the list of“Exceptions”.

Opera’s menu -> “settings” option -> “Preference” -> General tab ->“Pop-up” ->“Block Unwanted Pop-ups”.

"Safari" option -> "Preference" -> "Security" tab -> check "Block pop-up windows".

Step two – remove Jionniicoupon’s startup item.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
Start Menu -> select ‘Run’ -> type ‘MSCONFIG’ -> tap Startup tab -> find JionniiCoupOn  -> press ‘Disable all’.

Windows 8
Start screen -> type ‘Task’ -> tap Startup tab -> find JionniiCoupOn -> press ‘Disable’.

Apple icon -> choose 'System Preference' -> 'Users & Groups' -> click the user account that has JionniiCoupOn popup ad -> select JionniiCoupOn popup ad -> hit on minus icon.

JionniiCoupOn popup ad doesn’t belong to virus; however, it can be dangerous as random modifications to browser settings will lead to web vulnerability, which will make the machine susceptible to browser malware/infections. The browser chaos including browser redirect issue and underlined in-text letters with hyperlink directing to commercial ads can be foreseeable should the removal is not performed timely, according to Patricia Howard, an experienced computer technician with over a decade hands-on background in this industry. In the event of failure after finish the above steps, additional vicious items might have been introduced in without your knowledge.

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