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Problems Caused by

  1. Multiple system executable files are running in the background.
  2. More ads including ads by bettersurf will emerge to ruin surfing experience.
  3. It takes longer to load the intended page completely.
  4. Computer resource is consumed considerably when few software are running.
  5. Additional web applications might be detected to install without knowledge.

FAQ: why anti-virus program doesn’t pick popup as a virus when it is causing troubles?

Technically speaking, is not a virus. However, it is categorized by computer experts as PUP (potentially unwanted program). The purpose of is just to help promote products by its partners so as to obtain commission. Nevertheless, some adopted techniques plant the harmful seeds on a target machine.

To make sure that the target machine will be redirected to commercial ads, JS technique is adopted to re-configure DNS settings; and to guarantee that popup works whenever there’s connection, BHO technique is applied to preload its object into Startup configuration. Due to the fact that Browser Helper Object is a DLL module and that BHO has unrestricted access to the Internet Explorer event model, it can be easily taken advantage of by infections to download vicious items deep into a system configuration. But all these techniques are considered to be legit. Therefore, installed anti-virus programs will not pick it up and help remove popup.

Summary Plus

Global PC Support Center would like to conclude the potential dangers imposed by popup herein to help victims to realize the emergency in removing so as to stop lose as much as possible:
  1. incurs web vulnerability which can be exploited by infections to alleviate infiltration.
  2. may be taken advantage by infections to help record the user's keystrokes (intending to capture passwords) and transmit the information to a designated website.
  3. JS technique adopted by popup can be exploited by cyber attackers to help record log-in credentials to achieve XSS; as the worst consequence, your bank card might be emptied out.
Below is the manual instruction to help remove popup given the fact that anti-virus programs are not helping out. Make sure that every steps is carried out carefully and completely so that success can be guaranteed. On the occurrence of failure because of ignorance result from deficient computer knowledge, it is advisable to contact VilmaTech Online Support and ask experienced technician for efficient solution.

Manual Instruction to Remove Popup from Windows and Mac OS X

A – Enable popup blocker to block and ads by bettersurf if any.

Mozilla Firefox
  • Hit Tools to access Web features and make popup as the intended item to be blocked.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Hit Tools menu icon to select Options and block popup under Privacy tab.
Google Chrome
  • Hit Tools menu and choose Options to go to “Under the Hood” tab.
  • Block popup under “Content Settings”.
  • Hit Opera’s menu icon and place the mouse on “settings” to select “Preference” in its drop-down list.
  • Go to General tab and block popup under “Pop-up” section.
  • Hit "Safari" menu and access "Preference" window.
  • Block popup under "Security" tab.

B – Remove popup and any indication of related vicious items from browser settings.

Internet Explorer
  • Spread Tools menu and select Internet option again to choose ‘Manage Add-on’.
  • Go to General tab to remove popup and any possible vicious items from ‘Toolbars and Extensions’.                       
Google Chrome
  • Spread ‘Customize and control’ menu to select ‘Settings’.
  • Remove popup and any possible vicious items from ‘Extension’.       
Mozilla Firefox
  • Unfold Tools menu to choose “manage Add-ons”.  
  • Remove popup and any possible vicious items from ‘Extension’ and ‘Plugins’ there.   
  • Unfold Opera menu to select Extensions.
  • Remove popup and any possible vicious items from “Manage Extensions”.
  • Hit Safari and choose Preferences.
  • Remove popup and any possible vicious items under extensions tab.  


C – Access Startup section to stop from popping up automatically.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
  • Hold Win key and R key at once to enable the Run box.
  • Type ‘MSCONFIG’ and hit Enter key will bring you to Startup configuration.
  • Navigate to Startup tab to remove popup and any possible vicious items.
  • Press ‘Disable all’ to confirm the change.
Windows 8
  • Enable Search Charm bar and type ‘Task’.
  • Hit Enter key to select Task Manager in the next Screen.
  • Navigate to Startup tab to remove popup and any possible vicious items.
  • Press ‘Disable’ to confirm the change.
  • Press Apple icon to select 'System Preference'.
  • Navigate to 'Users & Groups' and access the user account that is plagued by popup.
  • Tick the popup and its vicious items.
  • Finally, hit on minus icon to complete the startup removal session.

Due to the web vulnerability resulting from random modifications on browser settings, it is possible for additional infections to infiltrate the target machine. The situation can be tough since additional items can complex the whole removal. Therefore it is always recommended to remove popup like as soon as possible. Should it be the case where additional infections are also found along with popup and it is overwhelming you, use recommended online PC security service and help reclaim a healthy and smoothly running machine.


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