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Metropolitan Police Virus, Remove Ukash Virus that Locks Computer








It is not new to PC users, especially the ones resident in United Kingdom. Yet writing the post is necessary to tell everybody the fact that Metropolitan Police virus is striving for improvements and more variants to trap more money. Also, according to the post by victims, there are still a number of people don’t know Metropolitan Police virus well to submit the amount of money so fix on the scaring accusation message which is at least £100. Metropolitan Police lock down message is displayed by virus and it is capable of triggering many more unexpected computer problems. For more information, please finish the following paragraphs.

For instant help, you can either consult VilmaTech certified experts 24/7 online or stick to the instruction offered at the end of this article.

Still Alive Metropolitan Police Virus

Metropolitan Police virus was firstly published with single one title and simple interface. Now, it collaborates with other virus such as Serios Organised Crime Agency virus and Interpol virus. It tells us that Metropolitan Police virus strives for improvements to augment its credibility so that more money can be collected in short period. If you ever looked at the content closer, you’ll know that they are all the same. But ways to deal with its variants can be different since the newer the variant is, the more dangers can be triggered as more system components are affected by Metropolitan Police virus.

Metropolitan Police virus is supported by Trojan, which enables it to affect drivers that communicate system configurations with operations properly. Once more drivers are affected by Metropolitan Police virus, dysfunctions emerge to frustrate you:
  • System restore points are wiped out for good.
  • Automatic system repair function is disabled not to complete.
  • “Windows Advanced Options” screen refuse to be brought up by F8 functional key.
  • Some forms of Safe Mode are disabled.
  • Other user accounts, if any, will be finally locked down by Metropolitan Police virus if efficient removal method is not implemented in time.
Metropolitan Police virus is such an aggressive infection that needs to be removed as soon as possible. Since the whole screen is blocked, it posts great difficulty in removing Metropolitan Police virus with anti-virus programs. Thus manual way is recommended. Follow the below steps only when computer skills are available; otherwise, ask computer experts at VilmaTech Online Support to help you out with expertise and experience.

Steps to Remove Metropolitan Police Virus from Computers

Q: running a full system scan in safe mode (with command prompt) hasn't picked up on anything, why?

A: Metropolitan Police virus is supported by Trojan that is good at hiding trace by binding vicious components to system items and cleansing malicious logs. Besides, drivers related to anti-virus programs are affected by vicious codes, which makes it possible for Metropolitan Police virus to survive from automatic detection and deletion. Therefore, manual way is in desperate need. Follow the below steps to help yourself. Be noted that additional vicious items brought in by Metropolitan Police virus would help with its survival. Thus further check is required so that no omission occurs to make it a failure.

Step One – Enter into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
Nowadays, ransomware including Metropolitan Police virus are becoming stronger to disable Safe Mode with Networking the moment they attack a target machine. It is time saving to skip Safe Mode with Networking and enter into Safe Mode with Command Prompt in the first place. However, it can be cumbersome. Thus extra attention should be paid.

Windows 8
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination to enter into a blue screen with a power icon at the right bottom.
  • Hold shift key and click on power button at once to access the next screen.
  • Select Troubleshoot with arrow keys and hit Enter key to carry on the process.
  • Choose Advanced options when given the options and proceed.
  • Hit Restart button at the right bottom of the screen to enter into the next screen.
  • Hit F6 to get into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
Windows 7/XP/Vista
  • Turn down the infected computer by pressing on the power button and hit the power button again to turn on the computer.
  • As the computer is booting but before Windows launches, keep tapping "F8 key" continuously.
  • You’ll be then taken to "Windows Advanced Options Menu" screen.
  • Highlight "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" option with your arrow keys and hit Enter key.

Step Two – Create a new user account with admin rights from cmd line.
  1. Type 'explore' when a flashing slash/line is shown again a black screen.
  2. Hit Enter key to gain a desktop.
  3. Follow the below steps to create a new user account with admin rights accordingly.
Windows 8
  • Hover mouse to the left-hand bottom to click on “Unpin” button.
  • Choose “Control Panel” in the option list.
  • Click on ‘Add a user’ under ‘Users’ which is on the left pane.
  1. If Windows Live id is available, use it to create a new account. 
  2. Otherwise, click on ‘More about logon options’ to fill in the given form
  • Then follow the on-screen hint to create a user account with admin rights.
Windows 7
  • Access Control Panel window to choose User Accounts and Family Safety.
  • Select User Accounts in the next window and choose ‘Manage another account’.
  • Access ‘Create a new account’ to type the name you want to name the user account.
  • Hit “Next” button to proceed.
  • Tick ‘Administrator’ before clicking Create Account to create a user account with admin rights.
Windows XP
  • Access Control Panel window from Start menu.
  • Double click on ‘User Account’ and select ‘Create a new account’.
  • Type a name for the new user account and press ‘Next’ button to proceed.
  • Tick ’Computer administrator’ before clicking ‘Create Account’ to create a user account with admin rights.
Windows Vista.
  • Access Control Panel window from Start menu.
  • Select ‘Add or Remove User Accounts’ in Control Panel window.
  • Press ‘Create a New Account’ button to enter into the next window.
  • Enter an account name you prefer before selecting account type as administrator.
  • Click ‘Create Account button’ to create a user account with admin rights.

Step Three – Show hidden items to remove anything related to Metropolitan Police virus.
Before implementing Step Three, one should restart the computer and get into the newly created user account.

Windows 8
  • Search for Windows Explorer on Start screen and double click to open it.
  • Browse to View tab in Windows Explorer window to tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.
  • Pressing “OK” button to unveil all hidden items.
Windows 7/XP/Vista
  • Search and click open ‘Folder Options’ in ‘Control Panel’ window.
  • Hit View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
  • Pressing “OK” button to unveil all hidden items.
Tip: when all done, navigate to C:\Windows\Roaming and C:\Windows\Temp to remove files not familiar to you and was created the date Metropolitan Police virus locked down the whole computer. To find out the files created on the same day Metropolitan Police virus appears, please follow the steps:
  1. When getting in C:\Windows\Roaming or C:\Windows\Temp, right click on the space to select ‘arrange icons by’/ ‘sort by’.
  2. Then select ‘Day’/‘Date’/‘Modified’.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the current window you’ll find the files created on the same day Metropolitan Police virus appears.


Step Four – Rectify keys and values in Database.
When access Registry Editor, please follow the steps and navigate to the offered entries to remove and rectify items related to Metropolitan Police virus:
  1. Press and hold Ctrl+F to search for Winlogon -> locate key labeled Shell in the right pane -> right click on it and replace it with ‘explorer.exe’ to help remove Metropolitan Police virus.
  2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[random].exe
  3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Metropolitan Police virus
  4. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System ‘DisableRegistryTools’ = 0
  5. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system ‘EnableLUA’ = 0

Windows 8
  • Move your mouse over lower right screen to bring up charms bar and put in ‘regedit’/‘regedit.exe’ .
  • Hit Enter key to access Registry Editor window.
Windows 7/XP/Vista
  • Hold Win key and R key together to bring up run box and put in ‘regedit’/‘regedit.exe’ .
  • Hit Enter key to access Registry Editor window.

Since Metropolitan Police virus is supported by Trojan, more infections are anticipated after a successful removal due to the wide open backdoor coming into being secretly. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed by endless popup ads, annoying search redirect issues and ridiculously sluggish computer performance, it is wise to employ efficient manual method to remove Metropolitan Police virus. If you want to know more about how to prevent virus like Metropolitan Police virus, you might want to read the post for prevention tips.

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