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FBI System Failure Virus, FBI Virus Removal Leads to Unblock Computers






Usual Way to Be Blocked by FBI System Failure Virus

Nowadays, many more ransomware have come into people’s life, augmenting the possibility to be locked down by counterfeit police virus. Among which, FBI System Failure virus can be commonly seen. Now let’s learn its dissemination routine so that we can decrease the odd to be blocked down. Global PC Support Center hereby list down dissemination routine for you:

  1. Fake Adobe/Flash player update message to trap for click that would trigger initiating code.
  2. Enclose its vicious code in attachment of alluring emails.
  3. Take advantage of vulnerability or backdoor.
  4. Pay porn/spam sites to carry its virulent code.
  5. Attack raw resource code of some web sites to inject its vicious code.
Actually, if we always pay attention when surfing online, the chance to be blocked down by FBI System Failure virus can be small.

How FBI System Failure Virus Is Dangerous?

FBI System Failure virus is horrible as victims can see clearly that it blocks down the entire screen and some forms of Safe Mode. People should know that FBI System Failure virus is capable of doing more than that:
  • FBI System Failure virus is supported by Trojan to affect drivers: by attacking drivers, key functionality can be broken down easily and quickly, that’s why system restore and the like will not run properly to help remove FBI System Failure virus automatically.
  • FBI System Failure virus manages to open up backdoor: by affecting drivers, database can be modified without disturbance. As a consequence, backdoor comes into being to help both load down more malicious code and up load updating information. In other word, the stored information will be collected and sent to remote cyber criminals to resell to other spammers.
  • FBI System Failure virus is able to cause residual damages: because of the backdoor, other infections obtain big chance to launch infiltration with slight effort; or FBI System Failure virus makes money from the backdoor to help additional infiltrations. That’s why some victims need to implement additional steps after removing FBI System Failure virus thoroughly.

Be noted:
  1. the longer FBI System Failure virus stays on a machine, the more residual damages can be expected and the more mechanical issues will arise; that’s because FBI System Failure virus wants to frighten victims into submitting money in the end rather than destroy the whole computer.
  2. due to Trojan technique, another user account on the same computer, if any, will also be blocked down by FBI System Failure virus finally if no timely solution is executed.
So let’s get started to remove FBI System Failure virus right away. There’s no hesitation to do so. Below is the instruction to help remove FBI System Failure virus in most cases. Should there be any unexpected items introduced in the target machine, failure might be anticipated. Should it be the case, use recommended online PC security service and ask one specialized expert for exclusive help. Your problem will be solved in a minute.

Instruction to Remove FBI System Failure Virus and Unblock Computers

Access operational desktop is always considered to be the first step to remove FBI System Failure virus. Here are 3 ways to offer:
  • keep restart the computer normally several times; the desktop might come back for a little while.
  • access another operational user account.
  • log into operational Safe Mode.
  • create new user account with admin rights (only when the blocked account is not Guest)
When a desktop is accessed finally, follow the below steps to proceed.

Show hidden items to remove FBI System Failure virus and its affiliates.

Windows 8
Windows Explorer -> View tab -> tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options -> “OK” button.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
‘Control Panel’ ->‘Folder Options’ -> View tab -> tick ‘Show hidden files and folders -> non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’->“OK” button.

When all hidden items are shown to surface, navigate to C:\Windows\Roaming and C:\Windows\Temp to remove files(including svchost.exe) that are not familiar to you and were created on the date FBI System Failure virus locked down the whole computer.


Remove keys and values generated by FBI System Failure virus in Database.
Use Win key and R key together to put "regedit" in the brought up run text. Hit Enter key will bring you to Database. Below are the entries you need to navivate to and remove related items:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System ‘DisableRegistryTools’ = 0
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system ‘EnableLUA’ = 0


With quite different name from others, the content that FBI System Failure virus accuses is still about copyright thingy. It should come to your knowledge that sudden blocking down the entire computer does not belong to what police usually do. Obviously that FBI System Failure message is counterfeit and it should be removed as soon as possible. VilmaTech Online Support warns that the removal should be complete; otherwise, BSOD can occur to cause more trouble that can be difficult to deal with. Should there any additional crap that cause incomplete removal and thus impose knot to you, you are welcome to live chat with professionals for exclusive help to your concrete situation.

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