Monday, July 28, 2014

What Is PUP.optional.smartbar? Should I Remove It? Show Me The Way

remove PUP.optional.smartbar

  • What does PUP.optional.smartbar do?
  • Where does PUP.optional.smartbar come from?
  • Some potential dangers from PUP.optional.smartbar
  • Show the way to help remove PUP.optional.smartbar
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What PUP.optional.smartbar Does Exactly?

PUP.optional.smartbar is an application to help web applications like pop-ups, toolbar and browser hijacker to stay on a machine without being removed easily so that profitable income will be earned.

Global PC Online Support found that PUP.optional.smartbar, as a PUP, make the most out of JS computing technique by adding modifications so that the regarding module will be thus modified and the script will be hooked. Without vicious attribute code – the one that security utilities depend on to kill vicious items, PUP.optional.smartbar makes “permanent stay” possible without being considered as virus.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Muvic Smart Bar Cause Homepage Replacement and Muvic.exe Error Messages, How to Remove?

Uninstall Muvic Smart Bar
  • The problems with the toolbar
  • Brief introduction on Muvic Smart Bar’s property and purpose
  • Potential dangers should be prevented
  • Follow thread to remove Muvic Smart Bar
  • Other related posts

Muvic Smart Bar Problems

  • Many more sponsored links appear to ruin surfing experience.
  • Both PC performance and page-loading speed are slowed down a lot.
  • The installation of Muvic Smart Bar change homepage to
  • Errors are triggered.
  • Pop-up ads increase in frequency.

Friday, July 18, 2014 Becomes Homepage And I Don’t Want It, How to Remove?

stop from hijacking

  • Questions raised about 1startpage
  • Answer to the questions one by one
  • Troubles by
  • Thread shows how to remove
  • Other related posts

About has been placed into the category called browser hijacker by security company though it presents itself as a normal homepage with “bing” icon on. There are many shortcut icons to help PC users get easy access to the mostly visited sites. Seems like is a superb homepage and search engine, uh?

But have you thought about how gets to know which the mostly visited sites are, why “1startpage” has been inserted into all search results instead of “bing” like it shows to be with the icon and how it becomes your default homepage without consent and will not be removed with conventional means?

Thursday, July 17, 2014 Hijacks Homepage and Many Others, Stop And Remove It!


  • Explain why keeps hijacking
  • The way that uses to hijack without being removed easily
  • Learn some troubles and dangers to have hijacker
  • Removal thread is available to remove
  • Other related posts

Why Hijacks Browsers? is a browser hijacker which has been widely utilized by advertisers/online operators to help promote products and brands. By hijacking certain browser, the hijacker:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 Warning Alert Won’t Stop, How to Get Rid of Attack?

  • About
  • The dangers by
  • How to stop
  • Other related posts

Warning about is specifically given out by Avast. Though the installed anti-virus program is telling you that it has stopped access to the malicious URL, there are some dangers you should be aware of as such domain does not get what it wants with the same way that virus like Trojan horse does.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vmhost.exe Virus? Background Noise Will Not Stop, How to Remove It Permanently?

shut down vmhost.exe

  • What is it like to have vmhost.exe?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What vmhost.exe does?
  • Follow thread to end and remove vmhost.exe

Troubles by Vmhost.exe

  1. Vmhost.exe makes a background noise every once in a while, CTRL-ALT-DEL reveals NO running Applications.
  2. "vmhost.exe" is running near 800,000 in Services.
  3. Shutting down vmhost.exe silences the background voices, until another reboot.
  4. Additional web applications are caught to install on a machine without permission or consent. 
  5. More pop-up ads will be detected.
  6. Random web page text will be turned into hyperlinks.
  7. Page-loading speed as well as PC performance is slower than it should be.

Monday, July 14, 2014 and, I Want Them Removed and Homepage Back

remove search.tb.ask and

  • What are and search.tb.ask?
  • Dissemination routine of and search.tb.ask
  • The troubles from and search.tb.ask
  • Follow thread to remove and search.tb.ask
  • Other related posts and

Yep, there’s relationship between search.tb.ask and One will notice that the interface of the two browser hijackers is identical while the URL is quite different from one another. As a matter of fact, search.tb.ask and is one object and thus I would like to talk about them in just on article., Another Websearch Hijacker, What Do I Do to Remove It?

get rid of

  • The typical behaviors of
  • List of harms from
  • Follow thread to help yourself remove
  • Other related posts

What Does Do?

As its name suggests, is a new variant from websearch family and it is clearly categorized as browser hijacker that:

Saturday, July 12, 2014 Related to Tuvaro, How to Stop Hijacking?


  • Will Dangerous?
  • Why keeps hijacking?
  • Conclusion on hijacking consequence
  • Learn the way to remove
  • Other related posts

Will Dangerous?

PC users that update security knowledge frequently would have now known that     is not technically a virus. It is called browser hijacker and categorized as PUP, the one that causes unpleasant scenarios without adopting vicious codes and may contain potential dangers.

People should be aware of the potential dangers to be constantly hijacked by the PUP like

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Search Protect By Client Connect Ltd, What Is It and How to Remove?

remove Search Protect by Client Connect Ltd

  • What is Search Protect By Client Connect Ltd?
  • What happen when getting Search Protect By Client Connect Ltd?
  • Potential dangers from Search Protect By Client Connect Ltd
  • Get the thread to help remove Search Protect By Client Connect Ltd
  • Other related posts

About Search Protect By Client Connect Ltd

Search Protect by Client Connect Ltd is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) designed to protect its bundled programs, such as search.conduit homepage, search engine, and other ads by conduit, and make sure they remain installed or unchanged by other third party programs. As its name suggests, Search Protect by Client Connect Ltd program is a part of the “Search Protect” program which is developed by Trovi, a company known for their malicious programs.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Win32/toolbar.conduit.AH Is Detected! How to Remove It and Uninstall Conduit Toolbar?

remove Win32/toolbar.conduit.AH

  • Brief introduction on Win32/toolbar.conduit.AH
  • Purpose of win32/toolbar.conduit.ah
  • How do I get win32/toolbar.conduit.ah?
  • Troubles triggered by Win32/toolbar.conduit.AH
  • Hidden dangers that might raise alarm
  • Learn the way to remove Win32/toolbar.conduit.AH
  • Other related posts

About Win32/Toolbar.Conduit

Win32/toolbar.conduit.AH must not be strange to PC users, especially after Microsoft Security Essentials has been found many of its siblings like Win32/Toolbar.Conduit.Q, Win32/Toolbar.Conduit.B and the like. The working mechanism of them is the same. So why there are so many variants? To keep conduit toolbar and the related web applications alive, new Win32/Toolbar.Conduit variant should be kept being produced upon an effective solution has been offered by security company.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ywnmon32 Trojan Plagues PC Users and Triggers Browser Mass, How to Remove?

remove ywnmon32 Trojan

  • The symptoms of getting ywnmon32 Trojan
  • The possible ways to get ywnmon32 Trojan
  • Dangers from ywnmon32 Trojan
  • Follow removal thread to remove ywnmon32 Trojan
  • Other related posts

Troubles Raised by ywnmon32 Trojan

  1. The targeted machine get trashed with adware and junk files.
  2. Some files will not be removed and simply restore.
  3. CPU is consumed heavily, page loading speed also slows down.
  4. Additional web applications and programs install on the machine without knowledge and consent.

Adchoices Takes over Browsers? What Is it? Any Way to Remove It?

what is Adchoices?

  • The property of adchoices
  • Is adchoices good and safe?
  • How to remove adchoices?
  • Learn the way to block pop-ups.

What Is Adchoices?

Adchoices can be found everywhere on the Internet nowadays. It can be found on famous sites like Facebook and computer forums that offering virus removal help like Bleeping. So what is Adchoices?

What it displays has already told everybody that it is an adware. As a matter of fact, it comes from Google Ads that displays ads according to the theme of a web page. The benefit to allow such adware is money. Putting the ads on pages would earn PPC/CTR revenue provided that traffic every day is huge.

Friday, July 4, 2014 – Sudden Pop-ups Everywhere, How to Stop?


Property: is categorized as PUP.

What it does:
  1. Pops up random ads.
  2. Hijacks browser.
  3. Intercepts traffic and directs traffic to the co-operators for money.

How it spreads:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Supra Savings Produces Relentless Popup Ads, How to Get Rid of Them?

get rid of Supra Savings

  • What SupraSavings aims at?
  • How Supra Savings gets onto computer?
  • Any hidden hazard from Supra Savings?
  • Follow thread to get rid of Supra Savings popup ads
  • Other related posts

Why Supra Savings Keeps Popping up?

It is obvious to all that Supra Savings is an advertising platform that getting commission from the advertisers putting promotional info on its platform. So how to get as many advertisers as possible? Just give them what they want – customers. How to get customers? Though the products themselves would influence the click rate, traffic is one of the major factors to reach as many customers as possible as huge traffic would boost page rank as well as exposure rate.
By popping up non-stop, Supra Savings manages to intercept traffic. In process, it also gain PPC/CTR to jack up income.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Win32/BitCoinMiner.W Drops down Jbosser File, How to Remove

Win32/BitCoinMiner.W affection
  • See how dangerous is Win32/BitCoinMiner.W
  • Get to know why anti-virus programs won’t remove Win32/BitCoinMiner.W
  • How do I get Win32/BitCoinMiner.W?
  • Win32/BitCoinMiner.W consequences
  • Learn the way to remove Win32/BitCoinMiner.W
  • Other related posts

How Dangerous Is Win32/BitCoinMiner.W

As its name suggests, Win32/BitCoinMiner.W attacks BitCoin Miner and its purpose cannot be more evident – get BitCoin and exchange for money. According to Global PC Support Center, Win32/BitCoinMiner.W affects server.exe and JAVA computing technique, this is how the Trojan horse records confidential information such as log-in credentials so that use your BitCoin Miner to get the valuable coin for the virus maker.

Usually speaking, the moment Win32/BitCoinMiner.W gets on a machine, it loads down mass data file to keep background processes busy so as to get the chance and overwrite the drivers concerning critical functionality and the overall operation of the machine, such as server.exe/service.exe. Consequently: