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Vmhost.exe Virus? Background Noise Will Not Stop, How to Remove It Permanently?

shut down vmhost.exe

  • What is it like to have vmhost.exe?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What vmhost.exe does?
  • Follow thread to end and remove vmhost.exe

Troubles by Vmhost.exe

  1. Vmhost.exe makes a background noise every once in a while, CTRL-ALT-DEL reveals NO running Applications.
  2. "vmhost.exe" is running near 800,000 in Services.
  3. Shutting down vmhost.exe silences the background voices, until another reboot.
  4. Additional web applications are caught to install on a machine without permission or consent. 
  5. More pop-up ads will be detected.
  6. Random web page text will be turned into hyperlinks.
  7. Page-loading speed as well as PC performance is slower than it should be.

How I Got Vmhost.exe?

Vmhost.exe is developed by Square Network Tech, and has been detected to install with the “Supra Savings” software. Drive by download is the major dissemination routine that vmhost.exe adopts and it plays the role as the supporting item to guarantee that no random or easy modifications will be done to its supported programs. It is typically distributed through a pay-per-install bundle or with third-party software (example: CNET installer, Softonic Installer, InstallRex installer and many more).

What Vmhost.exe Does?

Vmhost.exe is actually a PUP that helps with online promotion. By injecting pop-up ads, advertising banners and in-text ads within web browsers, vmhost.exe manages to:
  1. Earn commission/share for helping downloading applications.
  2. Help tracking down users’ online whereabouts for a more efficient online marketing strategy.
Do not panic when invisible ads appear. You might have your popup blockers enabled to stop the pop ups while fail to stop the noise simply due to vmhost.exe. In other words, you have additional items to remove apart from vmhost.exe and to remove vmhost.exe is the very first step to completely get rid of the unwanted web applications.

Follow Thread to End and Remove Vmhost.exe

A - Access Task Manager and Running Tasks to remove the processes related to vmhost.exe.

Ctrl+Alt+Del/Ctrl+Shift+Esc > access Task Manager > View > select columns > tick "PID" and "Path name" > go to open up System Information > end the process with the same path name shown in Task Manager.

B - end the services related to vmhost.exe in System Service.

Win+R key combination > Run box > type “services.msc” > Enter key > double click on suspicious service > check “path to executable” > end/remove the ones with “path to executable” directing to vmhost.exe.

Windows 8
Windows Explorer > Administrative Tools > Service icon > double click on suspicious service > check “path to executable” > end/remove the ones with “path to executable” directing to vmhost.exe.

C - access DataBase to remove the keys valued vmhost.exe.

Win+ R key combination > Run box > type "regedit" > Enter key > hold and press Ctrl+F > put in vmhost.exe > hit Enter key > remove any listed items valued by vmhost.exe.

To remove vmhost.exe permanently, one should also remove the related web applications so that the executable file will not be injected without knowledge or consent again. Be noted that the dropped down item can be random and unforeseeable, therefore one should be equipped with certain level of computer skills and knowledge to take further steps. Should you detect the exact name of a related program, just go to virus reservoir for the corresponding solution.

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