Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Adchoices Takes over Browsers? What Is it? Any Way to Remove It?

what is Adchoices?

  • The property of adchoices
  • Is adchoices good and safe?
  • How to remove adchoices?
  • Learn the way to block pop-ups.

What Is Adchoices?

Adchoices can be found everywhere on the Internet nowadays. It can be found on famous sites like Facebook and computer forums that offering virus removal help like Bleeping. So what is Adchoices?

What it displays has already told everybody that it is an adware. As a matter of fact, it comes from Google Ads that displays ads according to the theme of a web page. The benefit to allow such adware is money. Putting the ads on pages would earn PPC/CTR revenue provided that traffic every day is huge.

Is Adchoices Good?

As one of the Google product, adchoices is safe. What people say about the pop-ups are from other loosely programmed advertising platforms and are always with random titles, which makes PC users impute such annoying scene to adchoices. People are safe to click the ads and be redirected to the destinations through adchoices.

Any Way to Remove Adchoices?

As mentioned in the preceding paragraphs that Adchoices is put on the web pages by operators/advertisers/webmasters. There’s nothing we can do to remove adchoices unless you tell them to. Nah… still don’t think that will work.

Learn the Way to Block Popups 

In the case where you suffer from annoying pop-ups without capability of identifying the resource and mistakenly think that they are coming from adchoices, you may be interested in the following steps on blocking ads.

A – enable popup-blocker contained in browser settings.

Tools window > Options > Privacy tab > pop-up Blocker section > check “Block pop-ups” option.

Tools option > Content tab > check “Block pop-up windows” > OK button.

Tool menu > Options > “Under the Hood” tab > “Content Settings” > choose “Pop-ups” > “Exceptions” > make sure that there’s none > OK button.

Opera’s menu > “settings” > “Preference” > General tab > “Pop-up” section > choose “Block Unwanted Pop-ups” > OK button.

"Safari" > "Preference" > "Security" tab > check "Block pop-up windows".


B – end the enabled service with “path to executable” directing to the popups you’ve seen.


Win+R key combination > Run box > type “services.msc”> Enter key > services window > double click on suspicious service > check “path to executable” > remove/disable the service with “path to executable” directing to the popups you’ve seen.

Windows 8
Windows Explorer > Administrative tools > Services icon > check “path to executable” > remove/disable the service with “path to executable” directing to the popups you’ve seen.

Mac OS X

Finder menu > “Services” > “Services Preferences” > tap “Services” > check “path to executable” > remove/disable the service with “path to executable” directing to the popups you’ve seen.

C –Show hidden files and folders.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
‘Control Panel’ > 'user accounts and family safety' > 'Folder Options’ > View tab > tick ‘Show hidden files and folders' and non-tick 'Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ > ‘OK’.

Windows 8
Start screen > Windows Explorer > View tab > tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options > OK button.

a.when done, remove the given items:
C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Temp\
C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet File

b. navigate to the following directories and remove the items generated on and after the date on and after the pop-up ad was firstly detected:
C:\Program Files\
C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\

Finder > Utilities folder > Terminal > copy and paste "defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES" > return key > copy and paste the "killall Finder" > return key.

a. remove temp files and folders:

Finder > Utilities folder > terminal:
  1. type
    cd ~/Library/Logs
    sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/*
    and press Return button.

  2. type
    rm -rf ~/Library/Safari/Downloads.plist
    cd ~/Library/Caches
    sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/*
    and press Return button.

b. access the following locations to remove the items generated on and after the date on and after the popup ad was firstly detected:
Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
Home folder/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/

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