Monday, December 30, 2013 Virus, Remove Search Redirect Virus





Is Virus? installs itself without permission in most cases to replace default search engine and homepage. Some of PC users who have such search engine have been found to be ended up with incredibar toolbar that is hard to be removed. Some do not consider as virus since no other problems are detected while others affirm it as virus as the following damages have been caught in sight:

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Remove CryptoLocker Virus Encrypting Files, Unblock Computer

Get Private Key?

Firstly published version of CryptoLocker virus was found on 5 September and has so far, according to BBC news, infected 250,000 PCs, approximately quarter of a million Windows computers across the world.

It is a ransomware that collects money through illegal way by encrypting victims’ files. The amount of money is at least 100 in all currency. According to CryptoLocker’s threatening message, the amount of money is in exchange for the private key copied once on its server, any delay in submission and removal of CryptoLocker will lead to the destruction of the key, which leads to impossibility to restore encrypted files forever.

As a matter of fact, the submission of money has not yet been known to lead to the acquirement of private keys claimed to be able to help retrieve encrypted data. Then how to get private keys?

AFP Virus, New Instruction to Remove AFP Virus






Versions of AFP Virus

AFP stands for Australian Federal Police that has nothing related to the locked-down message accusing victims who are mainly Australian residents of violating copyright and related rights law that can be cancelled by submitting a fine of AUR$100 through Ukash. Delay in the submission resulting in expiration of countdown is claimed to definitely lead to liberty deprivation. Such locked-down message is supported by Trojan and is designed to obtain easy money. Considering PC users are continuously got trapped by the ill-purpose virus, VilmaTech online experts would like to list down known versions of AFP virus to bring them into your knowledge:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Efficient Way, Remove Metropolitan British Police Ukash Virus






Metropolitan British Police Ukash Virus Is Scam!

Metropolitan British Police Ukash is a virus that is specifically categorized as ransomware that pretends to be accusation message issued by concerned national department to cheat people into submitting the amount of fine so fix on the locked-down message. The amount of fine can varies due to various versions Metropolitan British Police Ukash virus. But the minimum amount is always above $100.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Remove Virus, Removal Guide


The question “is a virus” has been asked by many more victims as damages are detected without warning alert given away by build-in antivirus programs. has long been categorized as browser hijacker that mainly hijacks homepage. Of course, there are other evil deeds from
  • Hijacks search results to display its search engine.
  • Becomes the default search engine to give away search results.
  • Installs toolbar without permission. is of course a virus that aims at gaining easy money. To achieve that goal, virus intrudes into the kernel part of a target machine and numerates catalogs possibly containing information and secure defense related as security utilities may stop information collection by removing virus.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Remove Worm:MSIL/Necast.D, Efficient Removal User Guide

Basic Knowledge about Worm:MSIL/Necast.D

Worm:MSIL/Necast.D is strictly identified as a computer worm and broadly classified as Trojan. Such worm is a self-contained and standalone computer virus that mainly takes advantage of vulnerable Internet and emails to initiate infiltration. By self reproducing to Host Application, worm:msil/necast.d is capable of connecting itself to designated web sites/ server to load down complementary vicious items or transfer collected information or generating vicious keys under Root section to enable unauthorized access from hackers directly.

So far, worm:MSIL/Necast.d has been identified specifically to be network worm, the one that manages to run intrusion programs/codes without some executable items being launched by victims unwittingly. The commonly seen consequence of being attacked by Worm:MSIL/Necast.D is listed below by VilmaTech Research Lab:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Scorpion Saver Ad, Remove Popup Ad from Computers and Macs

What Is Scorpion Saver?

Scorpion Saver is an unwanted implanted popup ad with a vision of aggressive promotion for its partners. Such adware aims to intercept as much traffic as possible so as to attract more operators for getting commission. To achieve that goal, scorpion saver adware is programmed with some rogue performance:
  • Being capable of inserting its process into Startup section.
  • Being added with tracking cookies to record the information on online whereabouts.
Such characters can impose dangers to affected computers due to random modifications by third-party programs being made randomly.

How Dangerous Is Scorpion Saver

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Latest Instruction: Remove Trojan.Win32.Runner.amo from Computers

What Is Trojan.Win32.Runner.amo

Trojan.Win32.Runner.amo is categorized as Trojan horse that is designed to steal victims’ accounts information without knowledge. Usually, Trojan.Win32.Runner.amo spreads through websites and external devices mainly. When in, such Trojan cannot be removed automatically by even reputable anti-virus programs because of UPX technique and SHA1(2D11BC6A0EA27FF88EC09658605E659D2DA11D5C). The two predominant techniques enable the Trojan to inject vicious codes into key processes such as Startup, secure section and the like. As a consequence, some undesirable issues will emerge to surface and make you suffer:
  • Computer become much slowly in operations due to highly consumed CPU usage.
  • Search redirect happens from time to time unreasonably.
  • Countless unknown items are piling up in several places of the target computer.
  • Some more infections are detected by installed anti-virus programs.

How Dangerous Is Trojan.Win32.Runner.amo

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

PUP.Optional.Conduit, How to Remove PUP Virus



How Dangerous Is PUP.Optional.Conduit?

PUP.Optional.Conduit is a collective virus group that mainly triggers web issues. In the group, PUP.Optional.Conduit.A can be the most notorious. PUP.Optional.Conduit has so far detected by malwarebytes for some reason. PUP.Optional.Conduit virus is categorized as Trojan and belongs to a highly elusive type of virus as it mainly messes up on browsers, like Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. According to the fig. attached on the left side, it is clear that PUP.Optional.Conduit is a fierce virus which makes modification to its satisfaction. There are some identifiable damages from PUP.Optional.Conduit, they are: Popup Ad, How to Remove Popup from Computers and Macs

Technically, is not a virus, it is no more than a piece of adware that is utilized to help with product promotion or site exposure. is one of those that compete to be the best adware so as to generate profit by attracting as more operators as possible. To do so, some rogue competence needs to be integrated:
  • is capable of sticking to a target computer without possibility of being removed easily.
  • manages to remember victims’ online activities and whereabouts so as to pinpoint a/ several most-visited site(s) and find ways to put its advertising platform onto site(s). It is the very reason why so many surfers still get infected by deadly virus when only reputable sites are accessed.

Can Popup Ad Be Dangerous?

Sunday, December 15, 2013 Redirect Virus – Remove Search Redirect Virus from Macs and PCs

Symptoms of Infection

  • Redirect to happens randomly.
  • hijacks default homepage without showing its indication in "default search engines" section of browser settings.
  • Searching is hijacked by
  • Most search results given by are not related to search queries.
  • Both computer and browsers become slow in response.

Dangers by Redirect Virus

Friday, December 13, 2013 Virus, How to Remove Popup Virus from Browsers

Is Portal Site Virus?

YES. is a browser hijacker that intercepts traffic. It is actually supported by Trojan with the cover of a browser hijacker. The common symptoms and problems caused by portal sites are:
  • Anti-virus programs don’t flag as virus.
  • Default homepage is replaced by
  • Web search is hijacked by virus.
  • Browser responses to user’s activities in a slow manner.
  • Some more promoting ads are coming into sight.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Attentive Antivirus, How to Uninstall Attentive Antivirus

What Is Attentive Antivirus

Attentive Antivirus is a virus that produced by spammers with a hijacked similar interface of other genuine anti-virus programs. Such fake anti-virus program is popularized by spam ads/sites for easy money generation.

Such program can be recognized as a virus easily if one takes a closer look at its size which is too small to function well the services it promises. Also, one should be vigilant when a string of threats are flagged since which is usually the acts of a fake anti-virus program that aims at threatening victims into purchasing its so called “full version” claimed to be effective in removing all the detected vicious items.

How Attentive Antivirus Spreads?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Virus – How to Remove Browser Hijacker from PCs and Macs

Is A Virus?

The answer cannot be any more positive though it is not picked up by anti-virus program. adopts Trojan technique to bypass installed anti-virus programs since Trojan manages to bind multiple copies of virus to system items. Once some critical system items got affected, the browser settings will be modified to its satisfactory without being easily changed back.

Such virus is programmed to generate traffic so as to gain profit out of some operators who consider will help with promotion. Besides, the browser hijacker is capable of making additional money by collecting information stored on a target machine and reselling it to other spammers. With the information, other spammers become capable of infiltrating into the target computer easily.

Computer Affected by

Monday, December 9, 2013

Rundll32.exe – What Is Rundll32.exe and How to Fix Rundll32.exe?

Information on Rundll32.exe

File name: rundll32.exe/ rundll32 

Process name: Microsoft Rundll32
Size: 7.32MB
Location: (system partition)\windows\system32
System process: Yes
Background program: Yes
Functions: Rundll32.exe is a DLL file executed in 32-bit system, it can be considered to be a shortcut to access any and all parts contained in a system.

Affection Symptom:

Learn More About United States Department Justice Virus from VilmaTech Expert Tips

United States Department Justice Virus is a kind of popular ransomware which has spread the whole word especially in the United Stats. People who live in America would probably encounter this virus on their computers. United States Department Justice virus is one of the U.S. Government PC locked virus which will attack all versions of Windows operating system and block the PC system by only showing up large warning message. This virus asks PC users to pay a fine about $100-$400 because of the violation of the law of the United States of America users had made before. Virus – How to Remove Browser Hijacker from PCs and Macs

Dissemination Routine

It has been a while that virus plagues wide range of PC users. It is actually a browser hijacker that replaces default homepage to generate high traffic for money. With increasing traffic due to the hijacking activity, manages to be contained in freeware/shareware and even rogueware for their publicity. Therefore one should be careful when downloading and installing third-party programs.

To aggrandize its traffic, applies other dissemination routines to hijack browsers as many as possible:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Remove Pop ups - Browser Update/Update Your Browser

What Is Pop ups

The content of popup seems healthy though, it actually downloads either a media player or explorer or download some other files. can be easily recognized as an obviously and definitely vicious add-on when taking a close look at its URL. If the content is real, the URL should contain words related to it. As a matter of fact, popup is programmed to trick websters into downloading items that would bring in virus, just like what“Outdated Browser Detected” popup does.

Damages from Pop ups

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wmiprvse.exe – What Is Wmiprvse.exe and How to Fix Wmiprvse.exe?

What Is Wmiprvse.exe

Wmiprvse.exe is responsible for the operation of WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), which means Wmiprvse.exe is one of the constituent of Windows to guarantee proper running. Such executable process is mainly used to inquire and configure the information on Windows desktop, applications, networks and other subassemblies. Wmiprvse.exe is also a useful process for experienced developers to create event monitoring applications for the effective prevention of infections.

Parameter of Wmiprvse.exe

Monday, December 2, 2013

VilmaTech Service Help You Remove FBI MoneyPak Virus Completely

What Is FBI Virus

If you received warning message from Federal Bureau of Investigation on your computer, your PC system probably has been infected by the FBI MoneyPak virus. There are over 100000 PC users have come across the FBI virus and most of them do not know how to correctly remove this virus from their infected computers. If you are one of the victims who is searching for FBI virus removal instruction, you can follow the tips from VilmaTech Online Support to remove the virus step by step. I found the solution from google and now would like to share this guides with you guys. Some of my friends have tried this method and they all said it did work for the FBI virus.

Sunday, December 1, 2013 Virus – Remove Search Redirect Virus from Browsers

Is a Virus? hijacks homepage but no other things so far. But methods have been tried cannot help change back the original one. Though computer seems to become more slowly than before, but no threat alert has been given away. No wonder there have been a lot of PC users ask if is a virus.

Actually, is a virus characterized as a browser hijacker as well as search redirect virus. The scene of being infected by can be different. Some see serving just like a normal search engine while some detect vicious behaviors by