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Wmiprvse.exe – What Is Wmiprvse.exe and How to Fix Wmiprvse.exe?

What Is Wmiprvse.exe

Wmiprvse.exe is responsible for the operation of WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), which means Wmiprvse.exe is one of the constituent of Windows to guarantee proper running. Such executable process is mainly used to inquire and configure the information on Windows desktop, applications, networks and other subassemblies. Wmiprvse.exe is also a useful process for experienced developers to create event monitoring applications for the effective prevention of infections.

Parameter of Wmiprvse.exe
  • Course file: wmiprvse/wmiprvse.exe   
  • Process name: Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation   
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft   
  • System process: Yes   
  • Background process: Yes   
  • Hardware associated: No   
  • Other: One of the important background processes certified by Microsoft.
Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation is a shared ServiceHost that governs several services at the same time. To avoid the cease of all included services at once when a provider fails, providers is loaded into a distributed host process which is named Wmiprvse.exe.


Wmiprvse.exe has been found to be taken advantage by virus, particularly Trojan, for account theft. To identify the genuine Wmiprvse.exe among counterfeit ones, if any, one should know that Wmiprvse.exe is originally put in C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem (a folder).

Consequence that Wmiprvse.exe being affected
  • Error messages would constantly popup.
  • Multiple indications of Wmiprvse.exe show in Task Manager to consume resource considerably.
  • Default homepage might be replaced by other unknown program without permission and change.
  • The overall PC performance becomes sluggish.
  • A large amount of junks and unknown items are mounted onto the system without permission.
If Wmiprvse.exe is affected to be the carrier of certain infection, it is advised to follow the manual method below to get out of the trouble and safeguard your computer, since anti-virus programs are not able to deal with system items. No slight deviation is allowed or unexpected computer problems will occur. If you are poorly equipped with computer knowledge, consult VilmaTech Online Support, real-time help will be offered soon.

Steps to Fix Wmiprvse.exe

The multiple use of Wmiprvse.exe can either be the result of infection attack or system issue. Whatever the cause is, follow the steps below. Removal of other items manually or by programs is still required after the below steps if Wmiprvse.exe is affected.

  • Press and hold Win key and R key together to bring up Run box.
  • Type “CMD” (either low case or upper case will do), hit Enter key to bring up a little black window with flashing line/ slash.
  • Type 
    “reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\wmiprvse.exe" /v debugger /t reg_sz /d debugfile.exe /f”
where the line/ slash is flashing and hit enter key.

Tip: if you want to enable Wmiprvse.exe later, type “reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\wmiprvse.exe" /f” and hit Enter key to finish.

  • Right click on “My Computer”/”Computers” to select Management/Government.
  • Locate the left pane to unfold “Service and Applications”.
  • Click once on Service and locate the right pane.
  • Find “Windows Management Instrumentation” to right click on it.
  • Select “Disable”.
You are not able to remove the virus that causes Wmiprvse.exe issues? Or you don’t know how to implement the CMD line? You may wan to ask Patricia Howard,one of the professionals that has engaged in computer security support industry for a decade, who’s glad to offer help.

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