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Rundll32.exe – What Is Rundll32.exe and How to Fix Rundll32.exe?

Information on Rundll32.exe

File name: rundll32.exe/ rundll32 

Process name: Microsoft Rundll32
Size: 7.32MB
Location: (system partition)\windows\system32
System process: Yes
Background program: Yes
Functions: Rundll32.exe is a DLL file executed in 32-bit system, it can be considered to be a shortcut to access any and all parts contained in a system.

Affection Symptom:

As the security awareness is enhancing, many people start to learn how to trace any symptom of infection, such as check terminals or running processes, virus writers start to target at rundll32.exe that takes charge of program operations. By affecting rundll32.exe, virus writers manages to program a backdoor to be DLL file, which does not bother creating additional processes or opening up a terminal. Besides, once it is affected, the infection may gain administer right and implement its vicious deeds smoothly.

On the occurrence of the event as what the attached picture shows, it can primarily be the result of Trojan affection that the Trojan covers up particular file from system to deny access. As a consequence, undesired scene occurs:

  • Installed anti-virus programs is disabled.
  • Other build-in security utilities will lose potency in virus detection and deletion.
  • Error message will popup from time to time.
  • Computer runs like a snail.
  • CPU is significantly consumed.
  • Huge amount of cache, temp files and other junks are found on target machine.
  • Some installed programs fail in operation.

Sometimes there are many more rundll32.exe running in the background, it doesn’t expressly mean the computer is affected by certain virus, it can simply be multiple system programs running at the same time. The amount of running rundll32.exe can be different from various versions of Windows.

Don’t know how to get down to fixing rundll32.exe problem? You may want to follow the steps below. However, some computer expert skills are required. Provided that the skill is in shortage, it is advisable to consult professionals from VilmaTech Online Support; otherwise, system failure could be incurred because of slight deviation to the given command lines.

Steps to Fix Rundl132.exe Problems Manually

Situation One
Where rundl132.exe message is triggered by virus. If it is the case, Trojan will be detected by a full scan.

Step one: exterminate explorer.exe and rundll32.exe in Task Manager.
Step two: enable startup functionality to disable the infection’s startup process and navigate to the directory shown behind its startup item so as to remove related items.
Step three: restart the infected machine and run a full scan by reputable anti-virus program to delete any possible vicious items,
Step four: cleanse junk items accumulated in system partition.
Step five:
  • get into database and navigate to
right click on its value to replace it with "%1" %*, and the result will be
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\open\command]@="\"%1\"%*""IsolatedCommand"="\"%1\" %*"
  • next navigate to
right click on its value to replace it with "%1" %*
and the result will be
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\runas\command @="\"%1\"%*""IsolatedCommand"="\"%1\" %*"

Situation Two
Where rundl132.exe is missing.

Browse to some professional .exe file downloading sites to download rundl132.exe which should be of appropriate version to the target system and to paste it to the according catalog (C:\WINdows\system32\).

Situation Three
Where rundl132.exe file is corrupted.
Step one: insert system CD into the CD-ROM.

Step two: when CD is spinning inside, hold and press Win key and R key together to bring up a run box, then type the following commands in:
expand x:\i386\rundll32.ex_c:\windows\system32 \rundll32.exe
hit Enter key to repair rundl132.exe automatically.

If you don’t know how to enforce cmd lines and you are not sure about the reason to cause rundll32 issue, you’d better consult experts from VilmaTech Online Support; otherwise, more tangled computer issue will incur.

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