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What Is Twunk_32.exe? Twunk_32.exe Error Reasons and Solution

Twunk_32.exe Definition

Twunk_32.exe is not a system process. Published by Twain Working Group, twunk_32.exe is associated with twain 32 folder in C:\WINDOWS to deal with the communication between software and digital imaging devices.

Twunk_32.exe Doubt

Most people would take Twunk_32.exe as virus for several reasons:
  1. Twunk_32.exe is not familiar to wide range of PC users.
  2. Twunk_32.exe is not Microsoft process.
  3. Twunk_32.exe has been flagged by installed anti-virus programs.
Usually the commonly seen Twunk_32.exe problems includes “Twunk_32.exe cannot be found”, “Twunk_32.exe is unable to start”, “Twunk_32.exe Runtime error”, Twunk_32.exe brings about BSOD and Twunk_32.exe consumes CPU considerably. A list made by VilmaTech Online Support is quoted here to your reference.


Attention: Twunk_32.exe has become one of the targets by infections (Trojan particularly) since it is not familiar to people and thus solution can’t be found easily within available time. As a consequence, more junks and vicious items will be detected to complex the whole circumstance and cause undesirable consequences:
  1. BSOD (blue screen of death) would arise in the middle of operation.
  2. Sound may disappear from voice box and would not recover.
  3. Programs, games particularly, relevant to Twunk_32.exe may not run.
  4. CPU is significantly consumed with even few program running in the background.
  5. More error message would be caught in sight.
  6. Browser redirect problem might happen thereby.
Besides, if one deletes Twunk_32.exe randomly without knowing the importance twunk_32.exe (generally placed under “C:\WINDOWS” rather than any sub-folder under that directory) to computer, mechanical problem would definitely impose adverse impact on removing culprit threats and fix twunk_32.exe issue.

Below is the solution to twunk_32.exe error and issues. You are welcome to follow up if you are technically sound. Otherwise, contact VilmaTech specialized professor by starting a live chat window here for exclusive help according to your concrete situation.

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Solution to Twunk_32.exe Error and Issues

Windows XP
  1. Access Start menu for“All Programs”to select "Accessories".
  2. Choose “System Tools” for“System Restore”.
  3. Check “Restore my computer to an earlier time” option on the right pane and press “Next” button to continue.
  4. Then select the most recent system restore point.
  5. When the process is finished, restart your computer.

Windows 7/ Vista
  1. Access Start Menu and type “restore” in the Start menu search box.
  2. Select “System Restore” and pick the most recent system restore point prior to Twunk_32.exe issue.
  3. Confirm your restore point and restart your computer.

Windows 8
  1. Access Control Panel from “Unpin” menu to access “All Control Items”.
  2. Select “Recovery” and choose “Open System Restore”.
  3. Press “Next” button in the pop-up window to select the most recent system restore point prior to Twunk_32.exe issue.
  4. Confirm your restore point by pressing “finish” button and restart your computer.

Twunk_32.exe issue should be fixed right away not only for retrieving perfect operation, but also for preventing possible infections. Once Twunk_32.exe error occurs, it would direct more recourse to deal with the error automatically, which would shunt strength from security utilities, leading to a susceptible machine. What’s more, if twunk_32.exe issue is caused by incompatibility among installed programs, it indicates that vulnerability exists and that the probability to get infections is increased. The above provided steps should help fix Twunk_32.exe issue well. In the even that unexpected problems occur in the middle of the fix, you are welcome to get specialized technical help offered by Global PC Support Center. 

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