Sunday, March 16, 2014

Facebook Virus – Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Plane Has Been Spotted

As more people gaining intensified interest in Malaysia Plane #MH370 and hoping that the plane will be found, hackers fake a piece of news about it to trap for clicks so that innocent PC users will download virus themselves willingly and unwittingly. Though the numbers of FaceBook user is expected to surpass that of Google Plus user (read more), Facebook still stands as the most influential and the fastest spreading media tool in the world. That’s why hackers target FaceBook and post this hot issue there in an attempt to get as more information as possible for money generation in a large number within a short period of time.

Malaysia Airlines Facebook Virus Dangers

This Facebook virus is made vividly so that no suspicion will be aroused. Yet the pictured filched from airplane incident could have been questionable. No matter what, people should learn its dangers when carelessly clicking on the counterfeit link.

Identity and log-in information theft are the two major dangers imposed by Malaysia airlines Facebook virus. Malicious codes have been injected onto the site (BHO and JS technologies are usually involved to make a site). Once connection is made, BHO would preload vicious code into a target machine without being examined strictly so that the infiltration can be finished within seconds; JS technology will be utilized to track down online whereabouts and help record log-in credentials when any of them is typed on the infected computer. Usually speaking, BHO Trojan (Win32:BHO-ALX[Trj] for instance)can be anticipated to step up efforts.

It should be widely advised that the vicious codes injected onto the counterfeit web page can be different. But backdoor will be opened undoubtedly as hackers need information to be uploaded or want direct control of an infected machine for a broader spread of its crafts. Consequently, additional infections can be anticipated to considerably consume CPU and limited internal storage.

'Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane found in Bermuda Triangle!' has been found are pieces of malware and links to fake surveys posted by hackers; viral Facebook links are profiting hackers! If you see this shared by one of your friends on Facebook, DO NOT CLICK!
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