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Babylon Toolbar Virus, How to Remove Babylon Toolbar Virus

Babylon Toolbar Affection Example

There are many situations to get infected by Babylon toolbar virus, and the recent scenario to get infected by the toolbar is the one found by VilmaTech Research Lab:

When installing AutoCad Viewer, Babylon toolbar is attempting to install as well. Due to its notorious reputation, it is believed that people would reject its installation. However, the rejection is not sufficient to enough to stop its installation and Incredibar toolbar installation. When all the installation is done, six separate programs are found to be installed at the same time and to affect all browsers (e.g. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari). Besides, when searching for BabylonToolbar, 23 results will be finally given. Remove Babylon toolbar as well as other incident vicious programs will only make indications disappeared but not resolve search redirect issues.

Dangers Babylon Toolbar Virus Imposes

As a Browser Helper Object (BHO), Babylon toolbar is not technically a virus. However, immediate removal is in desperate need due to potential dangers it imposes.

Babylon toolbar is the creature by merchants who want to promote products through World Wide Web. To achieve successful promotion, high click rate is necessary, which requires much more traffic to be intercepted by Babylon toolbar. In the age of redundant promotional tools, the fastest way is to apply rogue techniques and implant deep in a computer. As a consequence, system configurations referencing browsers are modified. Thanks to JavaScript technique, such modification can be undertaken smoothly without the interference from anti-virus programs.

All these result in a tragedy – vulnerability forms thereafter. Vulnerable web is always the first target by infections because it helps with easy infiltration. Once the vulnerability being exploited, chaos occurs:
  • Other web apps are installed without permission.
  • Default homepage may be replaced by search.conduit.com, Babylon.com or other search redirect infections.
  • Cookies as well as unknown files are piling up on the target machine to consume computer source.
Now it is easy to understand that Babylon toolbar is capable of causing additional infections on a target machine. The longer it stays on a computer, the more infection can be anticipated. Thus efficient removal method is needed to remove Babylon toolbar from PCs and Macs. Below is the manual removal method tested by VilmaTech Online Support to be efficient in removing Babylon toolbar. Stick to the steps only if a certain level of computer skills is available. Otherwise, resort professional help from one of VilmaTech certified experts working online to offer on-demand help.

Manual Way to Remove Babylon Toolbar from PCs and Macs

Step One
Reset browser settings to remove the indication of Babylon toolbar.

Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer Tools menu -> select Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> Restore Defaults button -> OK button.

Mozilla Firefox
Firefox button -> Help -> Troubleshooting information -> ‘Reset Firefox’ button.

Google Chrome
‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ menu -> Options -> ‘Under the Hood’ tab -> ‘Reset to Defaults’ button.

Show hidden files and folders -> tick "Show hidden files, folders and drives" under "hidden files and folders" option -> browse to "C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\" -> remove Operapref.ini file.


Safari menu -> ‘Reset Safari’ -> tick all given options -> press ‘Reset’.

Step Two
End the service of Babylon toolbar in the computer.

Windows 8
Windows Explorer -> Administrative tools -> Services icon -> remove/disable the service named Babylon toolbar.

Win key and R key -> type “services.msc” -> hit Enter key -> remove/disable the service named Babylon toolbar.

Step Three
Enter into Registry Editor to remove items related to Babylon toolbar.

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Shell” = “[random].exe”

Step Four
Access Control Panel to remove Babylon toolbar and other incidental program.

Windows 8
“Unpin” button -> choose ‘Control Panel’ -> "Programs and Features" -> uninstall Babylon toolbar.

Windows 7/Vista/XP

Start menu -> Control Panel -> “Add/Remove Programs” -> uninstall Babylon toolbar.

Apple menu -> “System Preferences” -> uninstall Babylon toolbar from Dock and Display respectively.

Any vicious items related to Babylon toolbar being omitted will definitely lead to failure. If it is the case, start over and check the place that needs to be rectified to see if there’s any suspicious item. In the case where you are not able to identify which are related items due to the shortage of computer skills, ask computer experts with rich experience and sophisticated techniques to help you get out of the trouble with solution that is exclusively applicable to your concrete situation.

Reference: http://blog.vilmatech.com/remove-babylon-toolbar-virus-internet-explorermozilla-firefoxgoogle-chrome-safari-opera/

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