Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MyPC Backup Pops Up! Uninstall It from Mac OS X and Windows

MyPC Backup Misery

According to the feedbacks and complaints by wide range of PC users posted on various computer forums as well as the real-time test on MyPC Backup, Global PC Support Center has made a list of MyPC Backup Misery to your reference:
  1. MyPC Backup constantly pops up backup message.
  2. A computer was running fast but now its like dial up with MyPC Backup.
  3. CPU usage is unstable, spiking up and down just like yoyo.
  4. Numerous programs have been put on a target machine’s desktop that the victim didn't download.
  5. It seems that several new programs appear every day.
  6. Homepage is replaced by and surfing experience is constantly ruined by GreatArcadeHits
  7. Multiple unknown running processes like dllhost.exe are consuming CPU.
Wanna end MyPC Backup’s process and your misery? No rush. You should be informed with some potential dangers before uninstalling it.

Should I Worry MyPC Backup?

MyPC Backup is not a virus, it is no more than a software that needs fund to keep alive on the market. By allowing more third-party programs(especially browser applications) to be bundled with it, MyPC Backup manages to get exposed to as more PC users as possible, and the third-party programs become able to intercept traffic when being brought on a machine. It is a win-win strategy for them, but not PC users. With more items in, the burden for a computer to deal with multiple items with limited recourse becomes a lot heavier, causing sluggish performance and even crash.

You should know that MyPC Backup’s installation can give rise to malicious infiltration since most of the bundled programs have bug. Only loosely programmed softwares require such promotional method so crazily. Once those softwares have been successfully brought in by MyPC Backup and their bugs have been found and utilized by destructive infection that is concealed in the Internet, the target machine will be attacked severely. If it is the case, in-stored information can be collected, XSS can happen and your account, including financial account would be hacked.

For these reasons, it is recommended to uninstall MyPC Backup. Given the fact that it is not a virus and sometimes it hides itself up and deter removal from Control Panel, it is advisable to apply manual removal method to uninstall MyPC Backup. Below is the instruction to follow up. Should you come across unexpected problems and complex issues that you don’t know how to overcome, you are welcome to get help from senior technician by starting a live chat window.

End Misery - Uninstall MyPC Backup from Mac OS X and Windows

A – exit MyPC Backup.

Exit MyPC Backup from taskbar.

Mac OS X
Use “Force Quit” function contained in Apple menu to exit MyPC Backup.

B – remove MyPC Backup’s values from Registry Editor (no need for Mac OS X users).
  1. Type “regedit” in the run box enabled by Win+R key combination and hit Enter key.
  2. Browse to the following entries to remove anything related to MyPC Backup.
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Windows driver
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion Version

C – uninstall MyPC Backup from Control Panel.

Windows 8
Hit “Unpin” button to access Control Panel and uninstall MyPC Backup by accessing “Programs and Features” beforehand.

Windows 7/Vista/XP
Access Control Panel from Start menu and uninstall MyPC Backup by accessing “Add/Remove Programs” beforehand.

Mac OS X
Hit Apple icon and select “System Preferences” so as to uninstall MyPC Backup from Dock and Display respectively.

The above instruction should be taken in order so as to ensure a complete removal. be noted that there’s chance that additional infiltration by virus happens. If it is the case and you are really at a loss as to how to proceed, please feel free to contact VilmaTech Online Support and get exclusive help according to your concrete situation.


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