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Stop Pop-up Ads for Perfect Surfing

What Is

As its name suggests, it is an original linkbucks site that could generate profit if one share one web site through the platform and gain clicks (this is what we call PPC). It is said that linkbucks was established in 2005 and has obtained great development until it gave PC users with pop-up ads. When one is exchanging link, one will be bombarded with some adult content. Other ads coming together with are:
  • Is Not Recommended

As more such advertising platform mushrooming nowadays, it needs more fun to sustain operation and needs more cooperators for promotion. Thus more ads are brought in by Given the fact that would publish adult content, it can be inferred that it does no filtering work when choosing cooperators. Spam sites and some loosely programmed sites can gain access through the advertising platform. In such case, the computer harassed by linkbucks pop-up ads will become likely to be affected by unknown infections as bugs can be easily detected and exploited.

Besides, with more pop-up ads landing on a target system, CPU will be distracted away to display them before showing the intended page, leaving little to system service in protecting a machine. Once being captured, the technologies (BHO, Applet, ActiveX, JavaScript) to make ads will be utilized to preload vicious items into a system without interference and track down victims’ activities online. Thus identity theft and information loss can be anticipated.

What Is The Best Way to Remove Pop-up Ads?

Im not entirely sure if I have the linkbucks browser hijacker but every time I start my computer, chrome opens up with 4 tabs of linkbucks ads... I have tried checking the task manager for unusual processes but can't find any, I've scanned my computer with malwarebytes, adwcleaner, Micrsoft security essentials, HitmanPro and combofix to no avail (except for HitmanPro which found 3 threats which I can't remove.” – Quote

Obviously that automatic removal method is not going to help remove linkbucks and stop its ads from crazily popping up, the below manual method is highly recommended. However, certain level of computer knowledge and skills is required; otherwise, one may run into the difficulty of finding unusual processes like what is posted in the quote. As there is still much uncertainty in the threats that might successfully exploit linkbucks, what the below thread offers is exclusively applicable to linkbucks pop-up ads removal. If you encounter additional threats and thus cannot remove linkbucks, you may need to search for the solution to them in virus reservoir; or as alternative, start a live chat window and ask senior technicians for a quick fix.
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1. remove linkbucks ads' extension.

Internet Explorer
Tools > Manage add-ons > ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ > remove linkbucks ads' extension > ‘Search Providers’ > remove linkbucks ads'extension.

Mozilla Firefox
Tools > Options > ‘Extension’ > remove linkbucks ads' extension > ‘Plugins’ panel > remove linkbucks ads' extension.

Google Chrome
Spanner icon > "Tools" > ‘Extensions’ > remove linkbucks ads' extension.

Opera menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions > remove linkbucks ads' extension.

Safari Menu > Preferences > extensions tab > remove linkbucks ads' extension.

2. use popup blocker to stop linkbucks ads.

Tools > Options > Privacy tab > “Block pop-ups” > stop linkbucks ads from popping up.

Tools > Options > Web features button > block linkbucks ads from popping up.

Tool menu > Options > “Under the Hood” tab > “Content Settings” > “Pop-ups” > “Exceptions” > rule out linkbucks ads.

Opera’s menu > “settings” > “Preference” > General tab > “Pop-up” > “Block Unwanted Pop-ups” > OK button.

“Safari” > “Preference”>“Security” tab > check “Block pop-up windows".

3. modify hosts files to block linkbucks ads.

Win+R key combination > type CMD > hit Enter key > type "ping" > Enter key > note down the IP address for linkbucks ads > navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc > click open Hosts file > paste the IP address to the last line > save file.

Mac OS X
Finder launchpad icon > Utilities > Terminal > type "ping   > Enter/Return key > note down the IP address for linkbucks ads > shift+command+g key combination > type “etc” (/private/etc/hosts) > Enter/Return key > click open Hosts file > paste the IP address to the last line > save it to modify host file.

This article should not be mistakenly taken to be associated, affiliated, sponsored or owned by linkbucks creators or distributors. This article is stating the truth and offering the effective removal thread for wide range of affected PC users. Though is not virus, but it is recommended to prevent some potential dangers as stated in the article body. 
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