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Winspool.drv (C:\Windows\system32\WINSPOOL.DRV) Errors – Printer Issues

What Is Winspool.drv, It Is Virus?

Winspool.drv is not virus, it is no more than a print Spooler driver for Windows. It is published by Microsoft Corporation with the model name as Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. Usually, Winspool.drv is put under C:\WINDOWS\system32\ folder with a size of 143KB.

Without such driver, the printer will not be able to understand the commands from system and do what PC users want. Besides, winspool.drv enables automatic printing in one queue without manually specifying the next one.

WINSPOOL.DRV Errors Scenario

Multiple errors pop up when victim logging into computer telling that C:\Windows\system32\WINSPOOL.DRV is running into error. The commonly seen WINSPOOL.DRV problems are:
  1. A cross is put on LPT and COM1.
  2. No automatic Windows update.
  3. System restore will not drive away winspool.drv error message.

Causes of WINSPOOL.DRV Errors

According to Global PC Support Center, the causes for the above scenarios can be the following ones:
  1. Internal storage is running out.
  2. The computer might be attacked by virus, for example, Worm:Win32/Bagle.FM@mm that spreads through social network Talkbiznow to download and install malware O&O DiskImage on the affected machines.
  3. Conflict among installed programs.
  4. FileMaker Pro application is crashing.

Ways to Fix Winspool.drv (C:\Windows\system32\WINSPOOL.DRV) Errors

Situation1: Check if Internal storage is running out.

By simply checking CPU usage and judge from the general PC performance, one can tell if Internal storage is running out. Also one can click open “Computer” and check disk usage. If it is the case, one should:

Defrag disks – right click on the disk with little space > property > press “defrag” button.
Uninstall the programs you don’t use and the old installation packages from local disk as well as Control Panel.

End some unnecessary startup items – Win+R key combination > type “msconfig” > Enter key > startup tab > disable the ones of installed programs.
Empty out temp files as well as cache.

Situation2: Virus affection
  1. Seek solution in virus reservoir and remove the culprit virus completely.
  2. Go to the path reported by error message to uninstall and reinstall Winspool.drv.

Situation3: Conflict

Win+R key combination > put in “%Windir%\system32” > hit Enter key > right click on Winspool.drv file > select “Rename” > type “winspool.drv.old” > hit Enter key > restart the machine > remove the recently installed program.

Situation4: FileMaker Pro is crashing

a. Set up a FileMaker default printer
Start menu > Printers and Faxes > locate Printer Tasks > click Add a Printer > Next button > Local Printer > uncheck “Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer” > Next > select “Use the following port with LPT1: (Recommended Printer Port)” > Next > choose HP in Manufacturer list > choose HP LaserJet 4000 series PS in Printers list > Next > name “FileMaker default printer” > select No to “Do you want this printer as the default printer” > Next > select “Do not share this printer radio button” > Next > no need to print a test page.

b. Change the default printer.
Click open FileMaker Pro > access any file > hit File menu > choose Print Setup > Name drop-down > FAKE FileMaker Default Printer > OK > exit FileMaker Pro.
Exit from FileMaker Pro.

The above fixing thread should be helping you fix WinSpool.Drv error. As it is known to all that printer issues are quite cumbersome and some causes can be beyond calculation. If WinSpool.Drv error still persists, you are welcome to get exclusive help according to your concrete situation.
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