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Remove Smart Guard Protection-Malware Security Suite

Smart Guard Protection Properties

Smart Guard Protection is a rogueware which is also called fake anti-virus program. Such program filches the interface and copy the content as well as functions of the genuine anti-virus program. In other word, Smart Guard Protection doesn’t possess those functions, it simply displays that it has them and that’s all. Therefore, paying it and getting its so called advanced version will not help with detected threats or harms.

By cheating PC users into paying it, Smart Guard Protection manages to get easy money. But one should also be clear that there’s another way to get easy money for extra income: collect the input information on the counterfeit registration page and resell it to other operators who long for contact details so as to deliver sales letters and messages.

Smart Guard Protection Troubles

  1. PC performance is deteriorating.
  2. Browser redirect problem could occur.
  3. Unreasonable numbers of threats have been detected by Smart Guard Protection and most of them cannot be found on the Internet.
  4. The originally installed anti-virus program will not work and the attempt to install a new one from the Internet will be denied.

Instructive Smart Guard Protection

As a matter of fact, Smart Guard Protection can be dangerous. After it infiltrates a machine by attacking vulnerability/loophole/backdoor, the rogueware would be able to numerate drivers concerning security services and utilities to overwrite them so that the fake anti-virus program would be able to impose more harms to the target machine without being interrupted.

With those overridden drivers, the security defense is weakened a lot and which well explains why the attempt to install another anti-virus program would fail. What’s worse, identity theft would emerge. JS technique is inevitably to be involved in establishing a site. It has been used to help people remember account and password so as to log-in various accounts even when the user has forgotten his/her passwords. Such technique can also be utilized maliciously by virus like Smart Guard Protection to record the input information.

 The registration site is temporarily built for Smart Guard Protection to obtain easy money, and thus it is not strictly written. Bug can be consequently found and exploited by other infections injected on the Internet. That’s why most of victims would detect additional threats alive on his/her computer before they find an effective solution after quite a while.

Below is the instruction to show how to remove Smart Guard Protection. This removal thread has been helping a lot of victims but not all as there’ no universal solution to one virus. Once its maker gets to know that people are trying new methods to play against the fake anti-virus program, the maker would come up with new tricks by generating verisimilar processes or affecting system items. Therefore, certain level of computer skills and virus knowledge is required to perform the removal for a completely clean result. Any help request will be gladly answered if one starts a live chat here to get professional help from Global PC Support Center.
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Effective Solution to Smart Guard Protection-Malware Security Suite

1.access DataBase to remove the items related to Smart Guard Protection.

a. navigate to the following entries respectively to find suspicious key value started with “Run” and delete accordingly.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders Startup=”C:\windows\start menu\programs\startup

b.navigate to the following entries to remove related ones and remove Smart Guard Protection's  vicious items.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\random.exe”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Smart Guard Protection
c. hold Control and F key together to get a Find box, then search for and remove the malicious services found in Step 3.

2.end Smart Guard Protection's processes.

Ctrl,+Alt+Delete (Windows 7/XP/Vista) key combination/ Ctrl + Shift + Esc(Windows 8) > Task Manager > View tab > “Select Columns”> “Image Path Name” and PID > see full path name > end the processes referring the location of Smart Guard Protection.

3. end Smart Guard Protection's services.

Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > open System Tools > System Information > Software Environment > Running Tasks > see the path for each service on the right pane > remove the ones that do not belong to System and that with the path directing to the Smart Guard Protection's directory.

4.uninstall Smart Guard Protection from Control Panel, if any.

Windows 7/Vista/XP - Start menu > Control Panel > “Add/Remove Programs” > uninstall Smart Guard Protection.

Windows 8 - “Unpin” button > ‘Control Panel’ > "Programs and Features" > uninstall Smart Guard Protection. up random folder; search for and remove everything related to Smart Guard Protection.

Before that, it is recommended to show hidden items.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
Control panel > user accounts and family safety >Folder Options > view tab > tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ > non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.

Windows 8
Windows Explorer > view tab > tick ‘File name extensions’ > tick “hidden items”.

a. Next open up random folder and hit on Search icon, type "Smart Guard Protection" in all the search blanks and hit Enter button so as to remove all the detection.
b. mainly navigate to the following folder and remove the ones reated on the day when Smart Guard Protection was firstly detected.

C:\Program Files\
C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\

Smart Guard Protection Summary

Smart Guard Protection Identification: fake anti-virus program/rogueware

Smart Guard Protection Symptoms: Installed anti-virus program will not work
                                                     Attempt to install another anti-virus program will fail
                                                     Sluggish computer
                                                     Mass on browsers can emerge

Dissemination routine: Exploit vulnerability/backdoor/loophole
                                  Piggyback on freeware/shareware
                                  Promoted on some spam sites

Dangers from Smart Guard Protection: Drivers regarding security defense will be overwritten
                                                        The rogueware uses JS technique to record confidential information on registration site
                                                        The rougueware’s registration site is easily to be taken advantage by other infections in the wild

Targeted OS: Windows

Ultimate goal: money

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