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Remove Win32/Patched rpcss.dll Virus (C:\Windows\System32\rpcss.dll)

Win32/Patched rpcss.dll Affection Scenario

Installed anti-virus program keeps bringing up rpcss.dll registry error and some files have been modified without locating the exact items. With modified rpcss.dll, people would suffer from the below problems:
  1. It cannotbecopiedor pasted.
  2. More Trojan detections will be issued.
  3. No access to the Internet.
  4. No access to Task Manager.
  5. Some information will not be displayed completely on Task Bar.
  6. Many more executable files, especially explorer.exe are warned to be taken adbantage by infections.

What Is Rpcss.dll

As a matter of fact that rpcss.dll is not a virus. People should know that rpcss.dll file is related to distributed COM service, playing an important role in sustaining regular and perfect operation. Rpcss.dll is mounted onto a machine when installing OS and it is placed in Windows system folder. Thus modification on such file is not recommended; otherwise the below 3 kinds of error message would be incurred to trigger dyfcuntions:
  • File not found.
  • Missing file.
  • Exception errors

Rpcss.dll Is Utilized by Virus

Rpcss.dll is created to call RPC service ‎which is kernel to Windows operation. Due to the special property of rpcss.dll, it becomes the target of virus. Affecting and modifying the dll file will enable vicious items to run automaticlly whenever Windows starts. Survey data has shown that the infections attacking rpcss.dl file are mainly trojan that steal information (Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi for instance) and rogueware and that online game player is the hardest hit by Win32/Patched rpcss.dll virus.

When virus attack takes place, processes like lsass.exe, schedsvc.dll, seclogon.dll, sens.dll, ipnathlp.dll, shsvcs.dll, srsvc.dll, termsrv.dll, wmisvc.dll and wuauserv.dll will be either generated or modified to hog CPU and monitor activities for information collection. Apart from Win32/Patched, Win32/PSW.OnLineGames.ORC also takes advantage of rpcss.dll to help with deeper infiltration and cooperate with multiple malicious tasks without being taken down easily.

How to Remove Win32/Patched rpcss.dll Virus (C:\Windows\System32\rpcss.dll)

Computer stays at 100% usage quite frequently to block normal running of services and functions, security ones particularly. DDS scan in safe mode is even sometimes necessary as the affected computer will get BSoD and shut down. As a result, running anti-virus programs is not going to remove Win32/Patched rpcss.dll virus automatically and the virus tell victims directly that it cannot be neither quarantined nor removed by security utilities as generated processes have disabled them to some extent. Below is the latest removal thread for wide range of victims to follow up. Should you run into any unexpected issues in the middle of the removal, you are welcome to get exclusive help according to your concrete situation by contacting Global PC Support Center.
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1.Remove the following offered files generated by Win32/Patched rpcss.dll virus.
C:\WINDOWS\system32 \gdipro.dll
C:\WINDOWS \system32\sys17002.dll
C:\WINDOWS \system32\rpcss.dll

2.Navigate to the following directory and change its name to “C:\WINDOWS \system32\rpcss.dll”.

3.Access Database to make rectifications.

  • navigate to the following entry and change its value to “NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService”.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet \Services\rpcss\ObjectName

  • navigate to the following entry and change its value to “%SystemRoot%\system32 \rpcss.dll”.


4.Restart the computer and run a full scan with anti-virus program for further automatic removal.

How I Got Win32/Patched rpcss.dll Virus?

According to one victim that he/she had Win32/Patched rpcss.dll virus after being blocked by a variant of the 'FBI Virus'. But in most cases, rpcss.dll problem is caused by Trojan horse affection. There are fat chances to be harassed by Trojan horse if one doesn’t follow good PC practice when surfing online or doesn’t pay extra attention when installing a third-party program. 

About Win32/Patched rpcss.dll Virus Removal

As rpcss.dll is attacked by Trojan horse, backdoor will be opened up to load down more vicious items and virus. The earlier the removal is, the less the vicious items will be detected. It should be noticed that the above removal thread is for Win32/Patched rpcss.dll only. Should you run into additional virus or extra incurred issues during the removal procedures, you may need to get solutions accordingly in virus reservoir; or as alternative get specialized technical help from VilmaTech Online Support.
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