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Get Rid of Arcade Frontier by EpicPlay LLC [Self-help Instruction]

“Uninstalled the program from Control Panel, but it still pops up with ads and surveys whenever I open a web page especially when I use google chrome”

What Arcade Frontier Is?

With its own uninstaller(C:\users\user\appdata\Local\ArcadeFrontier\uninstaller.exe), Arcade Frontier popup adware will not be uninstalled from target machine. The adware installs itself in Internet Explorer as a BHO (Browser Helper Object) under the name 'ArcadeFrontier Addon' with the class of {6C8DB2EC-499B-4897-A784-0E3186C97E9D}. Coming in as an adware pushing various products, marketing message and the like, arcade frontier manages to incur the following problems to arouse the concerns and questions as to its property out of victims:
  1. Arcade Frontier will not be removed from extension and control panel.
  2. Arcade Frontier pops up more and more frequently to ruin surfing experience.
  3. Some in-text messages are underlined with hyperlinks directing to some ads.
  4. Arcade Frontier will not be blocked by popup blockers and cannot be flagged by installed anti-virus programs.
  5. Additional web applications have been found to install automatically together with Arcade Frontier popup ads.
Finding: Arcade Frontier has been found by VilmaTech Online Support to appear prior to or after search.frontier.com’s harassment, which means the author of Arcade Frontier might have created some programs with rogue methods to help with aggressive promotion. 
With all the problems Arcade Frontier arouses, it can come to a conclusion that the popup ad is classified as PUP (potentially unwanted program).

What Does Arcade Frontier Actually Do?

Arcade Frontier is created to intercept traffic for profitable income and game promotion. Traffic is quite important in nowadays internet marketing. To gain large amount of traffic in a short period of time so as to push its game to as wide range of gamers as possible, some rogue methods have been found to be adopted:
  1. BHO technology: this would help arcade frontier to preload into running process, dll files and startup configuration without examination. 
  2. Script technology: such technology would assist ArcadeFrontier.dll in monitoring online activities so that information on favorable sites will be collected to help with broader propagation. 
  3. ActiveX technology: this would keep arcade frontier’s extension and components active even if corresponding appearances have been erased. 
Such technologies are technically legal but can be utilized maliciously. Should there be any delay in arcade frontier’s removal, the following consequences will be incurred:
  1. Browser could crash a lot.
  2. More popup ads would flux in.
  3. CPU could be gobbled up to arouse freezes.
  4. Redirects and hijacks can be anticipated.
  5. Additional programs or files will accumulate in local disk without knowledge to eat up internal resource.
It is now clear that though arcade frontier aims to promotion only, it could lead to information exposure and computer malfunction. To stop any further harms to hardware before it is too late, removal needs to be carried out now. Follow the below instruction to help yourself. Any difficulty will be solved in a minute if you live chat with senior technicians from recommended PC Security Center.
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Help Get Rid of Arcade Frontier by EpicPlay LLC  

1.    end arcade frontier’s running processes according to the path name.

Access Task Manager > hit View tab > choose “Select Columns”> check “Image Path Name” and PID > access All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information >Software Environment > Running Tasks > end arcade frontier’s running processes according to the path name.

2.    remove arcade frontier’s extension from browser settings.

Internet Explorer
Tools > Manage add-ons > ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ > remove arcade frontier’s extension > ‘Search Providers’ > remove arcade frontier’s extension.

Mozilla Firefox
Tools > Options > ‘Extension’ > remove arcade frontier’s extension > ‘Plugins’ panel > remove arcade frontier’s extension.

Google Chrome
Spanner icon > "Tools" > ‘Extensions’ > remove arcade frontier’s extension.

Opera menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions > remove arcade frontier’s extension.

3.    enable popup blocker to stop arcade frontier from popping up.

Internet Explorer
Tools window > Options > Privacy tab on the next window > check “Block pop-ups” > block arcade frontier.

Mozilla Firefox
Tools > Web features button > select arcade frontier.

Google Chrome
Tool menu > Options > “Under the Hood” > “Content Settings” > “Pop-ups” > “Exceptions” > make sure that arcade frontier is not there > OK button.

Opera’s menu > “settings” > “Preference” > General tab > “Pop-up” > “Block Unwanted Pop-ups” > OK button.

4.    end explorer.exe and call healthy explorer.exe.

Copy explorer.exe from healthy computer > paste the healthy explorer.exe into the affected computer under the catalogue detected > Task Manger > end explorer.exe > click on “File” > select “New Task” > hit browse button > select the healthy “exporer.exe” > hit Enter key.

5.    show hidden files and folders to remove all items related to arcade frontier.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
‘Control Panel’> user accounts and family safety > ‘Folder Options’ > View tab > tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ > non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ > ‘OK’ button.

Windows 8
Windows Explorer > View tab > tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options > “OK” button.
Navigate to C:\users\user\appdata\local\ arcade frontier, C:\Program Files\ arcade frontier, C:\Users\AppData\LocalLow\ arcade frontier and C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\ to remove anything related to arcade frontier popup ad. 


Arcade Frontier is a PUP that could threaten both information security and mechanical heath. The above steps should help with a complete removal. However, the vulnerability caused by Arcade Frontier would be taken advantage by random infections in the wild. It needs computer knowledge and skills to figure out the way to remove the additional vicious items after following the above offered steps for a complete removal; otherwise, Arcade Frontier can stage a come back. It should be widely informed that there’s no universal solution to a single virus/ malware/PUP/infection due to various OS, mechanical structures and the uncertainty of getting additional items. 

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