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What Is TorchCrashHandler.exe and Why It Pops Up? [How to Troubleshoot]

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Brief Introduction of TorchCrashHandler.exe

TorchCrashHandler.exe is published by TorchMedia Inc.  (signed by Torch Media Inc.) to help users improve Torch Browser experience by sending anonymous usage statistics and crash reports when Torch Browser unexpectedly shuts down or encounters errors. TorchCrashHandler.exe contains such data for future prevention.

It is settled under C:\users\user\appdata\local\torch\update\ and registered as a Windows Service with the name Torch Crash Handler, and thus it can be automatically running at each Windows start.

Why TorchCrashHandler.exe Keeps Popping up?

Form the above paragraphs, we know that TorchCrashHandler.exe is not virus and it is a build-in component to torch browser. So why TorchCrashHandler.exe keeps popping up? This indicates something’s wrong with the browser:
  1. Additional web applications install without knowledge/permission (TorchCrashHandler.exe issue has been found when ASK and MusicBoxToolbar installs).
  2. Lame web applications/extensions are injected into the browser/computer.
  3. Some PUP sticks to the browser/computer.
The random installations of web applications without permission would keep the background processes (dllhost.exe especially) busy to cause browser crash. It could be tragedy if a virus happens to find the vulnerability and take advantage of it for penetration. Therefore, it is recommended to troubleshoot TorchCrashHandler.exe as soon as possible.

Learn The Way to Troubleshoot TorchCrashHandler.exe

A. if you consider TorchCrashHandler.exe's functionality is not necessary for you, just disable its service, which could stop its from popping up constantly.


Win+R key combination > type “services.msc” > Enter key > locate Torch Crash Handler > right click on it > select “Disable”.

Windows 8
Windows Explorer > Administrative tools > Services icon > locate Torch Crash Handler > right click on it > select “Disable”.

Mac OS X
Finder > “Services” >“Services Preferences” > “Services” on the left pane > locate Torch Crash Handler on the right > non-tick the box next to Torch Crash Handler.

B. remove the recently installed web applications including extension, plug-in, toolbar, adware, PUP without your permission and knowledge.

Tip: the downloaded web applications can be random, thus one should access virus reservoir for corresponding solution.

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