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CryptoWall Decrypter – Files Are Encrypted

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  • Generality of CryptoWall Decrypter
  • Is there a way to decrypt files?
  • How to remove CryptoWall Decrypter?
  • Whys to Prevent

Generality of CryptoWall Decrypter

CryptoWall Decrypter is an encrypting virus that does not block your whole screen but to ask for money to help decrypt your precious and valuable files. It belongs to ransomware and the ransom it calls for is 1.16BTC (about 500USD). CryptoWall Decrypter threatens that if no money submission is completed within the validity, the ransom will be doubled. So fat CryptoWall Decrypter aims at enterprises mainly as the data files are much more valuable, besides, the boss could afford the amount of money or more. Of course, to get more money, CryptoWall Decrypter will not leave individuals alone.

The trick CryptoWall Decrypter adopts is pretty much the same as what Cryptordefense adopts:

CryptoWall Decrypter acquires RSA public key from its remote control server when its vicious codes is injected by a supportive worm/Trojan (that is what CryptoWall Decrypter’s virion in the following paragraphs refers to). A new AES key will be consequently generated to encrypt almost all types of files. In other word, the encrypted documents are locked down by two kinds of key. One of them can be accessed on its controller and the other is in the hand of CryptoWall Decrypter’ maker.

Is There A Way to Decrypt Files?

Unfortunately there’s no way to help decipher the affected files, at least for now. Then why you write this article?

This article is written to spread the information on the dangers of CryptoWall Decrypter and the ways to prevent from being attacked (at the end of this article) by it for wide range of PC users. Besides, removing CryptoWall Decrypter’s virion and decrypting files are not the same thing. Though it has not found a way to help restore the encrypted items, victims should actively remove its virion so as to stop any further harms:
  1. CryptoWall Decrypter’s virion could disable Safe Mode functionality, the longer CryptoWall Decrypter stays on a machine, the more forms of Safe Mode will be disabled.
  2. CryptoWall Decrypter’s virion could make some key combinations fail.
  3. CryptoWall Decrypter belongs to Trojan horse which can record any put-in information such as the bank accounts and password one types to submit the so-called ransom.
  4. CryptoWall Decrypter’s virion could open up a backdoor to upload collected information to its remote server, bring in additional infections for extra income, load private keys for decryption
  5. CryptoWall Decrypter’s virion is capable of affecting all the detected restore points or simply sweeping away them all.
It is obvious that whether you submit the money or not, you will suffer from either data loss or identity theft. Besides, if you are submitting the money, you are dealing with cyber criminal whose integrity is in doubt. Even though the cyber criminal finally decrypt your files as promises, it is hard to say that he/she would encrypt your files before long; don’t forget that he/she encrypt files for a living.

Below is the instruction to show how to remove CryptoWall Decrypter, to be more specifically, CryptoWall Decrypter’s virion. Stick to the steps to help yourself. If you do have problems or feel confused about the steps, please do not hesitate to get one-to-one assistance by contacting VilmaTech Online Support.
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How to Remove CryptoWall Decrypter

1. create a new user account from Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
  1. Cold restart the system and keep tapping on "F8 key" as the computer is booting.
  2. Highlight "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" option when "Windows Advanced Options Menu" prompts up.
  3. Press Enter key to type “explorer.exe” and hit Enter key again for another desktop.
  4. Go to Control Panel and create a new user account with admin rights:
Windows 7 - User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > ‘Manage another account’ > ‘Create a new account’ > tick ‘Administrator’ > press Create Account button.

Windows XP - ‘User Account’ > ‘Create a new account’ > Type a name for the new user account > press ‘Next’ > tick ’Computer administrator’ > press ‘Create Account’.

Windows Vista - ‘Add or Remove User Accounts’ > ‘Create a New Account’ > Enter an account name > tick ’Computer administrator’ > click ‘Create Account button’

Windows 8
  1. Cold restart the system.
  2. Hold down shift key and keep tapping F8 functional key together to select Troubleshoot with arrow keys.
  3. Select Advanced options then and hit Restart button at the right bottom of the screen.
  4. Please hit F6 to get into safe mode with command prompt.
  5. Type “explorer.exe” then and hit Enter key again for another desktop.
  6. Double click on ‘Control Panel’ on another start screen.
  7. Click on ‘Add a user’ under ‘Users’ which is on the left pane.
  8. If Windows Live id is available, use it to create a new account.
  9. Otherwise, click on ‘More about logon options’ to fill in the given form
  10. Then follow the on-screen hint to finish creating a user account with admin rights.

2. navigate to the following directories and remove all temp files.
(tip: when the new user account is created, please restart the machine and get into the newly created account before carrying out Step2.)

C:\Documents and Settings\administor user name\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents and Settings\current user name \Local Settings\temp\
C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files 

3. show hidden files and folders to remove CryptoWall Decrypter's virion in local disk.
Find and remove some strange files with unreasonable name such as [random number]/[random letter].exe in roaming folder under C:\Windows and C:\Windows\system32.

4. access Database to remove the items generated by CryptoWall Decrypter.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System ‘DisableRegistryTools’ = 0

One may found that the overall PC performance becomes much poorer after removing CryptoWall Decrypter’s virion; one could just use third-party programs such as optimizers or anti-virus programs to remove corrupted or redundant items. If one encounters additional infections incurred by CryptoWall Decrypter, it is advisable to get corresponding solution from virus reservoir or get quick fix according to your concrete situation. 
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How to Prevent Virus like CryptoWall Decrypter?

It has been a while since last ransomware rage. CryptoWall Decrypter is now detected alive on the Internet and it is not yet known if this ransomware would arouse another rage. Therefore, knowing how to prevent virus like CryptoWall Decrypter is necessary. Here’s the list concluded by the technicians from Global PC Support Center, you are welcome to have a look:
  • Install genuine, powerful and reputable anti-virus programs, Firewall and programs that provide Internet security aids on to the computer and update them regularly.
  • Apply programs that are capable of repairing bugs to remedy them by downloading correspondent patches; run them regularly.
  • No visit to unknown websites and no casual download of suspicious plug-ins/ add-ons/ extensions.
  • Never accept suspicious files through instant messages and to select the Security Level of instant chat tools as high.
  • It is better not to use freeware/ shareware whose loose structure can be safety fuse.
  • Delete spam emails rather than open it up.
  • Download and update programs by accessing official web sites rather than random messages pop up from nowhere.
  • Always give priority to custom installation to avoid automatic installation of third-party programs.
  • Employ disk partition to install programs in other disks rather than local disk.
  • Backup your files to other removable devices; if you unfortunately hit by CryptoWall Decrypter, you don’t have to be that painful and sad.

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