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  • Why MixiDj Deltasearch Hijacks
  • What are the dangers we should’ve known?
  • FAQS:
a. What is MixiDj Deltasearch
b. Where it comes from?
  • Follow steps to remove
  • Summary plus

What MixiDj Deltasearch Wants? comes up all of a sudden to hijack homepage and search engine even though Google still shows as the designated search engine. Why it wants to be the default search engine and why it runs the errands for Google? It definitely has no relationship with Google. As a matter of fact, MixiDj Deltasearch is a browser hijacker created to intercept traffic and thus promote products of its own or its partners’.

By simply hijacking your homepage and default search engine, manages to display the information that its or partners’ products somehow have relation to.


Background: as computer has been integrated into people lives deeper day by day, online market becomes exceptionally competitive. To rank high, exposed more and thus get potential business, applications like that could intercept traffic by force become the shortcut for most online operators.

Is Dangerous?

As a browser hijacker, by itself is not dangerous to PC users as well as the machine. But it could be harnessed by infections embedded on the Internet for the following reasons:
  1. hijacks many computers so far and owns large coverage.
  2. employs BHO and JS techniques to ensure the constant hijacking and track down online whereabouts for a better traffic interception.
  3. also applies backdoor program to access the browsing history so as to figure out who to cooperate with and where to put associated ads for better promotion.
Rapid propagation and easy infiltration can be achieved if a virus exploits That’s why the browser hijacker would become one of the targets by infections.

There has been thousands of hundreds of browser hijackers on the Internet to help direct and intercept traffic; besides, it is easy to build such web applications for some skillful online operators. As a consequence, no strict building has been put in and bug will be easily found to be attacked. would therefore fall into the use of virus and the techniques it adopts would help virus to:
  1. Load vicious codes deep into computer configurations.
  2. Guarantee permanent stay.
  3. Record log-in credentials and the confidential information typed online.
  4. Make unsolicited access from remote cyber criminal to make the machine work at his/her will.

FAQS about

FAQ1 - is MixiDj Deltasearch virus?
It is not technically a virus, if one doesn’t like it, one could call is as PUP (potentially unwanted program). Without vicious attribute code, is not a virus. What make it to be sticky are JS and BHO techniques with slight modifications. The two techniques are commonly seen in building a web site.

FAQ2 – Where MixiDj Deltasearch comes from?
As a web application with huge traffic by hijacking people’s browsers, MixiDj Deltasearch wins many cooperative ties with online operators who are conceiving that huge traffic would help with better promotion and higher exposure rate. Thus installing third-party program in“recommended” manner or clicking on some websites/ads related to MixiDj Deltasearch would finally result in its harassment.

So far, we’ve learned that MixiDj Deltasearch is not a virus but it can be utilized by infections to result in identity theft and more infiltrations. It is thus recommended to remove MixiDj Deltasearch as soon as possible. Below are the steps to follow up. Should you have any question or difficulty when carrying out the steps, please do not hesitate to start a live chat with senior technician from VilmaTech Online Support for specialized technical help.
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Follow Steps to Remove MixiDj Deltasearch Search Redirect 

Step1. Remove the extensions created on the day when was firstly detected.

Internet Explorer
Tools > Manage add-ons > ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ and ‘Search Providers’ > remove's extension and the one created on the day when it firstly appeared.

Mozilla Firefox
Tools > Options > ‘Extension’ and‘Plugins’ panel > remove's extension and the ones created on the day when it firstly appeared.

Google Chrome
Spanner icon > "Tools" > ‘Extensions’ > remove's extension.

Opera menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions > remove's extension.

Safari Menu > Preferences > extensions tab > remove's extension and the ones generated on day when it firstly appeared.

Step2. Restore the homepage from

Internet Explorer
‘Search Providers’ > select desirable search engine > press “Set as Default” button.

Mozilla Firefox
Options > General tab > "homepage" > type your desirable URL.

Google Chrome
Spanner icon > "Settings" > Search section > click dropdown menu to select desired search engine.

Opera menu > Settings > Preference > General tab > "Home Page" > set your desirable homepage.

Safari Menu > Preferences > General tab > Default Search Engine > set desirable search engine.

Step3. Modify Hosts file to block from appearing.

Win+R key combination > type CMD > hit Enter key > type "ping"  > Enter key > note down the IP address > navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc > click open Hosts file > paste the IP address to the last line > save file.
ping to block it

Mac OS X
Finder launchpad icon > Utilities > Terminal > type "ping"  > Enter/Return key > note down the IP address for > shift+command+g key combination > type “etc” (/private/etc/hosts) > Enter/Return key > click open Hosts file > paste the IP address to the last line > save it to modify host file.
ping to block it Summary is not a virus but it can be potentially dangerous. Here’s the list made by Global PC Support Center to show the troubles and dangers that can be brought in by the browser hijacker:
  1. Default search engine, homepage and even some new tabs are replaced by like permanently.
  2. Control Panel will not remove
  3. Some victims might not see the existence of in the extension section; in fact, the related one(s) can be with another name indicating no relationship with the browser hijacker.
  4. Multiple processes are caught to run in the background to hog CPU and thus freezes and crash could happen occasionally.
As is not a virus, only manual method is the most effective way to remove it. But be careful when carry out the above offered steps as there can be chances that additional virus takes advantage of it to worm into the harassed machine. In such case, one should remove all the vicious items together so as to stop from popping up and re-appearing.
In the event that you are overwhelmed or hindered by the unexpected issues, please start a live chat to get quick fix according to your concrete situation.
live chat to get expert help in removing


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