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Fix Explorer.exe Error Issues

Reasons to Cause Explorer.exe Error Message

Explorer.exe error message one of the commonly seen error message on computers. There are several reasons to cause such exe error:
  • The version of OS (Operating System) is not the official one.
  • Insufficient system resources
  • Conflicts between installed programs.
  • Corrupt system documents.
  • System kernel error.
  • Virus intrusion.
  • Latency time is too long for certain program.

Troubles Caused by Explorer.exe Error Issues

  • Explorer.exe error popup message could bring the computer to DH (dead halt).
  • Explorer.exe error popup message caused by virus could compromise computer to be affected by additional virus more easily.
  • Explorer.exe error popup message would popup a lot more when one trying to run another program.
  • Explorer.exe error popup message may result in a desktop without showing icons.
How to fix such irritating and horrible error message like explorer.exe? You are welcome to follow the steps shown below.

Since such .exe error message can be caused by a number of reasons and refers to problems deep in a system, it is not yet reported to be successfully fixed by computer health care programs. In such case, we need to manually fix explorer.exe ourselves. Remember that computer skills are needed during the fixing procedures. If you are lack of computer knowledge, you’d better start a live chat by clicking on the button below for one-to-one assistance so that no deviation would occur to bring up extra unexpected issues.

Solutions to Explorer.exe Error Issues

Different solutions are needed to resolve explorer.exe error issue caused by different reasons; otherwise, tragedy can occur when some critical build-in services are accidentally disabled. Follow the steps below strictly after figuring out the exact reason for explorer.exe error message.

One: Fix explorer.exe error issues caused by insufficient system resources.

1. Do not run multiple programs/ tasks at the same time.
2. Extend the virtual memory appropriately.
3. Upgrade the version of Windows or the configurations.

Two: Fix explorer.exe error issues caused by conflicts between installed programs.

Make your choice among conflicting programs and delete the less used one(s).

Three: Fix explorer.exe error issues caused by corrupt system documents.

1. repair problem files:
  • Press Ctrl and R key together.
  • Type ‘cmd’ (without quotation) in the Run box to bring up a little black window.
  • Type sfc /scannow to scan system files and see if they are integrated
  • Repair problem files.
2. repair damaged files.
  • Press Ctrl and R key together.
  • Type ‘chkdsk’ (without quotation) in the Run box to bring up a little black window.
  • Restart the computer and wait for the process to complete without hitting any keys.

Four: Fix explorer.exe error issues caused by virus infection.

1. Run reputable anti-virus programs to see if there is any detection of infection.
2. If so, navigate to C: Windows, to find out any file/ folder with the name of ‘Sys’ followed by random letters and figures. For example: C:SysDayN6, C:Syswm1i, C:SysAd5D.
3. Remove registry keys: hold Win key and R key at the same time to bring up Run box. Enter ‘regedit’ and hit Enter key, then navigate to
Locate the key on the right pane to find and delete the keys named after figures, like:

4. Show hidden files.

Windows 8 users to follow up
Clicking on Windows Explorer application from Start Screen.
Select View tab on Windows Explorer window, you will get numbers of options.
Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.

Windows 7/XP/Vista users to follow up:
Open ‘Control Panel’ from Start menu and search for ‘Folder Options’.
Under View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ and then click ‘OK’.

5. Remove all temp folders under System32.
  • Double click on Temp folder under System 32.
  • Press Ctrl and A key together.
  • Right click on one of the selected items.
  • When a drop down list shows, press Shift and D key together.
  • A box comes up for confirmation.
  • Press Enter key.
6. Restart your computer and back to normal mode. Explorer.exe problem caused by virus can be fixed by now.

Five: Fix explorer.exe error issues caused system kernel error.

One should reinstall Windows.

Six: Fix explorer.exe error issues caused by corrupt/ damaged explorer.exe program.
Check the size of explorer.exe to see if it is 237k or 238k; if not, copy explorer.exe file from another properly working computer and paste it to the problem one. Then bring up Task manager there to implant explorer.exe running process by creating new task there and then copy explorer.exe file under C: \WINNT directory.

Should one be confused or unable to figure out what the exact reason for explorer.exe error message, one should consult professionals from VilmaTech online support first, analysis will be given in time.;file=visitorWantsToChat&amp;site=4376723&amp;byhref=1

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