Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Uninstall PC Optimizer Pro Malware

PC Optimizer Pro issue

‘I was getting a client to install TeamViewer and they accidentally installed PC Optimizer Pro. (And also News.net?) Now TeamViewer is installed, I want to make sure this malware is gone.
First thing I did was go to Control Panel and uninstall both PC Optimizer Pro and News.net. Each uninstall went through without issue (and I checked Program Files for them afterwards and didn't see them) and then Internet Explorer popped up with a page to buy a full subscription / leave feed back for News.net, both of which I just closed.
I'm not entirely sure if it's an issue or not though. I don't think that my client actually ran the program after installation. 
I read someone uninstalled this and then restarted and their computer didn't boot. I also read that this software can change your proxy settings or something along those lines...?’
– quoted from one of its victims.

Symptoms of PC Optimizer Pro

*Pop up in-page messages to ask for registering its licensed version.
*Automatically scan your computer without permission.
*Installs without consent through drive-by download.
*Give constant alert about countless threats and most the flagged virus cannot be searched on Google.
*Computer runs more slowly than before.
* Additional pop ups are seen.

Dangers of PC Optimizer Pro

PC Optimizer Pro is classified as a rogueware that disguises as a normal and helpful PC health care software to cheat people into registering its so called licensed version so as to collect easy money without genuinely helping people to clean the flagged issues. Such fraudulent software mainly spread itself with the help of Internet that connects people together. Its high ranking, acquired by affecting wide range of PC users, helps it to convince third-party programs that PC Optimizer Pro is reputable. On the contrary, it is notorious. PC Optimizer Pro is capable of decreasing computer’s safety coefficient after it make arbitrary changes deep down a system, making vulnerability on the computer to make the machine susceptible to other virus. That’s why some victims encounter news.net thereafter. To uninstall PC Optimizer Pro can be easy, one can simply stick to the steps below and you will make it.

Detailed instruction to Uninstall PC Optimizer Pro Malware

Step One. Running process of PC Optimizer Pro should be terminated in the first place to avoid being hindered by error message telling failure is met because certain file is used at the moment.

⊙ Windows 8
Start screen > type 'Task' or 'Task Manager' > select ‘Process’ tab > find and select items associated with PC Optimizer Pro > press ‘End’ to uninstall PC Optimizer Pro.

⊙ Windows7/vista/XP
Hold Ctrl, Alt and Delete combination key together > select ‘Process’ tab > find and select items associated with PC Optimizer Pro > press ‘End Process’ to uninstall PC Optimizer Pro malware.

Step Two.
Go to Control Panel to see if you stand any chance to Uninstall PC Optimizer Pro malware there; if so, right click on it to select ‘Remove’.

⊙ Windows 8

Move mouse to bottom-right corner of your desktop > choose ‘Control Panel’ in the pop-up sidebar > "Programs and Features" > uninstall PC Optimizer Pro malware there.

⊙ Windows7/vista/XP
Start menu > select ‘Control Panel’ > choose ‘Uninstall Programs’ > uninstall PC Optimizer Pro malware there.

Step Three. Show hidden files before finding out and removing any vicious items hidden by PC Optimizer Pro in Drive C.

⊙ Windows 8
  1. Click on Windows Explorer application from Start Screen.
  2. Select View tab.
  3. Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.
  4. Click ‘OK’.

⊙ Windows7/vista/XP
  1. Open ‘Control Panel’ from Start menu and search for ‘Folder Options’.
  2. Under View tab, tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’
  3. Click ‘OK’.

Step Four. Reset all installed browsers (e.g. IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) to cleanse junk, if any, brought in by PC Optimizer Pro malware.

⊙ Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer.
Click on the Tools menu -> select Internet Options.
In the Internet Options window, click on the Advanced tab -> click on the Restore Defaults button -> press OK.

⊙ Firefox:

Click on the Firefox button -> Help -> Troubleshooting information.
Locate the box on the left uppers corner of the web page.
Click on ‘Reset Firefox’ button.

⊙ Google Chrome:

Choose ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ menu.
Select ‘Options’.
Click ‘Under the Hood’ tab.
Click ‘Reset to Defaults’ button.
(Should you still be plagued by pop ups and redirect virus, you’d better manually modify browser settings)

Step Five. Make rectifications in Database after finding items associated with PC Optimizer Pro under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows andHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows

⊙ Windows 8
Move your mouse over lower right screen -> charms bar appears -> click Search charm -> type ‘regedit’/‘regedit.exe’ -> hit Enter key.

⊙ Windows 7/XP/Vista
Press Win key and R key together -> type ‘regedit’ (without quotation) in the box -> hit Enter key.

Why PC Optimizer Pro malware comes back again after reboot? You’d better check your system and browsers to see if there are leftovers and other vicious infections to help with its survival. Bear in mind that only a completely clean computer can expel PC Optimizer Pro malware forever. If you are overwhelmed by some other tangled issues like error message, you are welcome to consult the pros here.

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