Saturday, September 21, 2013

Remove Ads with Simple Steps

'My Granddaughter's computer is soooo slow and when she tries to go to a website more windows open telling her she needs to dowload junk and video ads selling stuff. Different windows open without her doing anything. It's almost impossible to go to websites she wants to go to because it's as if someone else is controlling her computer. It has taken me several attempts just to log onto this website and I've had a hard time getting the Hijack this downloaded. It's crazy! I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.’ – Report from its one of its victims. Corrupts Computer

  1. would constantly come up from nowhere;
  2. Internet and Wifi connections would not stay stable;
  3. is capable of slowing down overall computer performance;
  4. is able to trigger error message when attempt are made to install and uninstall programs;
  5. is likely to introduce additional popup virus like toparcadehits and vicious search engine like

FAQ: Why anti-virus program will not help remove ads?

All the above listed damages are caused by its registry entries injected deep into the database. Thus, is capable of popping up automatically without bothering you to launch it, disabling security functionality to some extent, changing browser setting without the possibility to be changed back easily. What’s more tricky, comes in as an add-on rather than typical virus form. Therefore, it is highly recommended to employ manual approach.

Steps to Remove Ads

Step1. Remove startup item of ads.

-    Windows 8
Start screen > type ‘Task’ > tap Startup tab > find > press ‘Disable’.

- Windows 7/XP/Vista
Start Menu -> select ‘Run’ -> type ‘MSCONFIG’ -> tap Startup tab -> find > press ‘Disable all’.

Step2. End’s running process.

-    Windows 8
hit Process tab in Task Manager.

-    Windows 7/XP/Vista
Hold Ctrl, Alt and Delete key to bring up Task Manager > find and tick items related to the virus > press 'Disable All' to remove

Step3. Open up build-in popup blocker to remove ads.

- Mozilla Firefox
Open Mozilla Firefox -> click Tools -> choose Options -> click the Web features button -> remove ads there.

- Microsoft Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer -> click Tools -> select Options -> click the Privacy tab -> tick "Block pop-ups" option to remove ads.

- Google Chrome
Use Google Toolbar that includes a free popup blocker to remove ads.

Step4. Manage add-on to remove ads.

- Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer > click Tools > click on Manage add-ons > find any item related to in ‘Toolbars and Extensions’.

- Mozilla Firefox
Open Mozilla Firefox > click Tools > click Options > click on ‘Add-ons’ > select ‘plugins’ panel > select ‘Never Activate’ in its drop down menu.

- Google Chrome 
Open Google Chrome > click> select "Tools" > go to ‘Extensions’ > find and select > hit the dustbin icon to remove ads.

The removal instruction has been tested several times to be approved as an effective solution to remove ad. If you are still plagued by it, you may have to check if you still have virus of other types. Remove ad together with other infections to regain a clear computer.

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