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Many PC users started to see when they typed in queries. Only when the outcome is somehow different from that of did they notice that both homepage and search engine had been hijacked by the application called or BoBrowser Search. Most of PC users found that the hijacker could be easily to remove, but this is not the case when removing

What Is

According to some victims, most installed anti-virus programs will not detect when hijacking and redirecting is putting on. Only MalwareBytes picks up some related PUP items. However, quarantining and removing those files will not drive away BoBrowser Search.

At the sight of the below behaviors, people would consider the hijacker as virus:
  1. Additional files related to are detected by installed anti-virus programs.
  2. BoBrowser Search installs itself without permission and will not go away without a hitch.
  3. Slowness is manifested on both page-loading speed and executing commands.
  4. Multiple processes are running in the background to consume CPU.

The fact is just on the contrary, is not a virus at all; given all these aggravating behaviors, is no more than a PUP (potentially unwanted program). So we don’t have to fuss about it any more? NOT NECESSARILY. One should raise queries as follows:
  1. If is not a virus at all, how come it manages to stick to a computer and will not be removed with conventional methods?
  2. What it hijacks for?
Answer to Q1 - how hijacks:
The answer to the question will help with complete removal as well as the understanding of its potential dangers.

Not being a virus, using some advanced technologies will help with DNS manipulation and therefore hijacking, they are BHO, Applet, ActiveX and JavaScript. BHO helps to preload .dat, .dll and .exe files into system configuration once is activated. In other word, any access will result in its implantation. After the implantation, Applet and ActiveX technologies will overwrite and modify the installed extensions, controlling them to work to’s will and offer the results through the browser hijacker. Being as a promotional tool, the browser hijacker needs information to analyze for people’s preference. Using JavaScript technology will achieve that goal as it is created to store cookies and online trace.

Answer to Q2 - the purpose of BoBrowser Search is a PUP, the category that nowadays online operators are prone to use for product promotion as well as traffic interception. Perhaps some PC users are confused about its motive when nothing but hijacking is happening. But is recording your surfing preference and absorbing as much traffic as it can when you are wondering why. What for? By uploading such information, its creator will be enabled to post ads onto the sites that are frequently visited and obtain profitable income by reselling traffic to some lazy and greedy online operators. Hijacker Should Remove as It Is Potentially Dangerous

Though BoBrowser Search is not a virus, it is recommended to remove as soon as possible for the below listed reasons:
  1. What BoBrowser Search takes people to are mostly advertising web pages for money generation; such page contains large numbers of pictures (to load numbers of pix at one time causes plenty of CPU and thus browser crash could happen) and most of them are not carefully examined. In the event that a web site created by hackers with exactly the same interface and content manages to muddle through and become one of the sites cooperating with, it would lead to money loss and identity theft.

  2. Backdoor (offering direct control authority) is usually planted into programs during the development for the convenience of detection and debugging in the future. The backdoor program is not itself dangerous. With keeps taking people to some random websites, especially advertising ones, the probability of backdoor being cracked and exploited soars high. As a consequence, hacker manages to obtain admin rights, bypass all safeguards and remotely control to take a quest to a normal site to a spam one with duplicate content, coaxing users to put in information such as bank card password and personal details.

Manual Removal Thread to Help Remove Hijacker

Step1. Remove the extensions created on the day when was firstly detected.

Tools > Manage add-ons > ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ > remove's extension > ‘Search Providers’ > remove's extension.

Tools > Options > ‘Extension’ > remove's  extension > ‘Plugins’ panel > remove's extension.

Spanner icon > "Tools" > ‘Extensions’ > remove's extension.

Opera menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions > remove's extension.

Safari Menu > Preferences > extensions tab > remove's extension.

Step2. Restore the homepage from

‘Search Providers’ > select desirable search engine > press “Set as Default” button.

Options > General tab > "homepage" > type your desirable URL.

Spanner icon > "Settings" > Search section > click dropdown menu to select desired search engine.

Opera menu > Settings > Preference > General tab > "Home Page" > set your desirable homepage.

Safari Menu > Preferences > General tab > Default Search Engine > set desirable search engine.

Step3. Modify Hosts file to block from appearing.

Win+R key combination > type CMD > hit Enter key > type "ping"  > Enter key > note down the IP address for the hijacker > navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc > click open Hosts file > paste the IP address to the last line > save file.
ping iSearch_bobrowser_com to modify DNS and remove the hijacker

Finder launchpad icon > Utilities > Terminal > type "ping"  > Enter/Return key > note down the IP address for the hijacker > shift+command+g key combination > type “etc” (/private/etc/hosts) > Enter/Return key > click open Hosts file > paste the IP address to the last line > save it to modify host file.
ping iSearch_bobrowser_com to modify DNS and remove the hijacker on Mac

Step4. Run full scan with reputable anti-virus program again, try to remove any possible items.

Step5. Show hidden files and folders to remove the ones related to hijacker.

Windows 8
Start screen > open any folder > open Windows Explorer > select View tab > Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options > mainly navigate to C:\windows\winstart.bat, C:\windows\wininit.ini and C:\windows\Autoexec.bat to find and delete every files and folders created on the day when was firstly detected.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
Click open ‘Control Panel’ > search for ‘Folder Options’ > tap View tab > tick ‘Show hidden files and folders' and non-tick 'Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ > press ‘OK’ > mainly navigate to C:\windows\winstart.bat, C:\windows\wininit.ini and C:\windows\Autoexec.bat to find and delete every files and folders created on the day when was firstly detected.

When done, access the following directories and remove the given items.
(tip: the offered directory can vary from system configuration accordingly)
  1. C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Temp\
  2. C:\windows/system32/roboot64.exe 
  3. C:\users\[username]\appdata\locallow\the item triggered by

Finder > Utilities > terminal > paste“defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES” > return button > hold ‘alt’ and right click on the Finder icon at once > click on Relaunch button.

When done, go to applications, dock and displays and library folder in your home folder to remove any items that has letters like

Step6. Search for and remove the items related to

Click open random folder and hit on Search icon, type ""/"BoBrowser Search" respectively in all the search blanks and hit Enter button so as to remove all the detection.

Statement should not be taken mistakenly to be associated with VilmaTech Online Support or Global PC Support Center. This article aims to offer self-help instruction. It should be widely informed that there’s no universal solution to one single computer issue/ infection/ malware due to various OS, versions and structure. Some might not find vicious item in certain directory. Besides, failure can emerge if BoBrowser search is not removed completely and additional items that worm through the vulnerability into the same machine randomly.
get professional help to remove BoBrowser Search hijacker

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